September 24, 2007

"Well, everybody needs to spew sometimes."

Eva Nazemson, Swedish game show host heroine, giving new oomph to the notion that the show must go on.


Trooper York said...

She just had tofu.

knoxwhirled said...

She puked because of menstrual cramps? Is that her excuse? Weird.

The Drill SGT said...

well Ann,

You certainly demonstrated eclectic tastes with that one, which I could have done without.

SMGalbraith said...

Boy, now there's something to show the grand children around the holidays.

All I've got to show them in about 20 years is a picture of me playing basketball against Michael Jordan.

Well, okay, so I'm on the bench at the time.

Be nice to grandpa, dear.


Super-Electro-Magnetic Midget Launcher said...

She's got worse trouble than barfing. I couldn't understand a word she said!

Peter said...

Today is Vertical Day! To learn more, go to:

. said...

is this, like.. drudgereport now, or something?

ricpic said...

She was over-excited, full of froth, full of fizz,
Out of nowhere it came, one quick heave;
Any hope she'd be fazed? not this whirligig whiz,
She was back in a flash, by your leave.

Maxine Weiss said...

You'd all never dare call Ruth Anne a "man". Ruth Anne is so syrup-y sweet, good and polite she has to be a woman.

But, bad Maxine is so confrontational, combative, extreme, and nasty....she must be a man. Women are made of sugar and spice and not capable of all the vitriol Maxine spews forth.

Ruth Anne is the good one, Maxine is the bad one:

Sweet Ruth Anne has to be a woman, and bad seed Maxine must be a "man" .

AlphaLiberal said...

That's one tough broad.

Meade said...

Maxine, did someone insult you by calling you "a man?" (Was his name Tom J. P. Courtney, Esq. per chance?) Anywho, how dare he. For instance, you would never vomit on camera, would you? Of course not. Even I know that. Only men are capable of being so extremely crude. Men like Tom J. P. Courtney, Esq.

Clearly, Eva Nazemson is a man posing as a woman. It goes without saying. For all we know, "she" is Tom J. P. Courtney, Esq.

Ruth Anne barely ever even belches. And when she does belch, it's very demure and ladylike. Yes, Ruth Anne is a goddess. I could not agree with you more.

And you are so very right about Ruth Anne being sweetness and goodness incarnate. More women should follow her voluptuous and feminine example. If only because it would make us men (men like Tom J. P. Courtney, Esq.) very very happy, which is our right, under the Declaration of Independence, to pursue - Happiness.

Maxine Weiss said...

The Blogger gets the commenters she deserves. The Blogger has no control over who comes through that door.

If only Althouse were able to cherry-pick the exact type of commenters she wanted...I'm sure she'd hand-pick people that like Ingmar Bergman movies, people that could stay on-topic, people that never invoke her sons or Cliff Kresge, people that reaffirm her own personal worldview.

But, she can't. Althouse is stuck with whatever craven Reprobates decide to shuffle on in, here.

No wonder she refuses to allow her fans to set foot inside her private living space.

Love, Maxine

Mark Daniels said...

"And the category is Mount Vesuvius."

Maybe live TV isn't such a great thing after all.


Ron said...

If Bob Barker had hurled like it would only be spitpolish on his legend...

Mark Daniels said...

But Barker's excuse for spewing would have been something like, "I just had my pet spayed or neutered."


Christy said...

Menstrual cramps? She looks pregnant to me.

Adrian said...

christy, i agree. the same thing happened in Knocked Up!

Ron said...

what if Variety mentioned her shift to movie reviewer?

"Hurl Girl thumbs 'Good Luck (Up)Chuck'."

Pogo said...

Maybe this was the end result of the recent habit in movies to show people vomiting, usually as a device to demonstrate extreme emotion.

Now even game show hosts vomit. I hope live urination is still verboten.

hdhouse said...

Oh come on. Do they show O'Reilley in Sweden now?

Pogo said...

Everybody's Gotta Spew Sometime

Spill your guts
Spew around you
Spill your guts
It will revolt you
I see you hurlin'
On the YouTube

Everybody's gotta spew sometime
Everybody's gotta retch sometime
Everybody's gotta hurl sometime

Meade said...

When the show is long and the night, the night phone-in is yours alone,
when you're having period pains, well hang on.
Now just let yourself go, everybody spews and everybody pukes sometimes.

Everybody spews. Take comfort in your period pain.
Everybody spews. Don't throw up your hands. Oh, no. Don't throw up your hands.
If you feel like you're alone, no, no, no. All of Sweden is watching. 180,000 hits on YouTube alone.

Trooper York said...

What is it with these guys posting song lyrics.....Jeeez Louise.

Pogo said...

Yer right, Trooper.
Makes me wanna puke.