September 30, 2007

Wall paintings of Greenwich Village.






ADDED: The last 2 pictures are actually from SoHo. The second and third pictures are details from a mural signed by Rico Fonseca.


halojones-fan said...

You know, that's pretty typical of taggers. They're like dogs--they never see anything without wanting to piss on it so that everyone knows they were there.

Oh well, I'm sure it's just the violent economic oppression of black people that's causing them to act out in a destructive manner. If only white people recognized that the sight of beautiful things causes economically-disadvantaged black youths to feel an irrational compulsion to destroy! It's white people's own fault, really, for wanting to have a city that looks nice.

rightwingprof said...

I had little interest in seeing GV while we were here. I have none now.

igbalonigbanlo said...

halojones you seem pretty sure this was done by black kids, it couldn't have been anyone else, heh?

Ann Althouse said...

halojones-fan, how can you assume you know who defaced that painting? Maybe it was a feminist or an anti-feminist.

rightwingprof, I lived in Greenwich Village for 4 years. Went to law school there. It's the best place I ever lived. I love it, even though it's changed. I wanted to take my sister to the Caffe Dante, which has a lot of old memories for me.

rightwingprof said...

I can't bring myself to view vandalism as anything but, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, and art meant to look like vandalism (government sponsored tagging) provokes the same response. Were someone to spray paint anything on any surface in my neighborhood, I'd find out who did it and see that they were arrested.