September 13, 2007

Radio alert.

Back in Madison, I'm going to be on "Week in Review" again tomorrow. We're on at 8 AM, Central Time. It's the Wisconsin Public Radio show where we go over the week's news stories, and I'm the conservative. On the left this time is Peg Lautenschlauger, who was the state Attorney General as is now a lawyer at Lawton & Cates.

Go here to listen on-line live. You can call in.

I'll put up the link for the streamable audio after the show.

ADDED: Listen to the archived show here.


froggyprager said...

As you know, this is a Wisconsin show where they talk about state, national and international issues. In the past I have heard you on the show and you did not have many comments on state politics or the budget. To prepare, you should spend a few minutes coming up to speed on the state budget issues.

In a nutshell, it is outrageous that we are the only state without a budget and the proposed cuts proposed by the Assembly are very severe and would have major impacts on the schools and poor communities across the state. Among many problems in the Assembly budget, shared revenue cuts to cities like Beloit and Milwaukee will force these already struggling communities to either raise property taxes or make huge budget cuts on top of cuts they have made for years.

While I understand that you may be more interested in national issues but this has major impacts on the lives of many Wisconsin citizens and more people should be concerned.

I look forward to hearing your show & happy new year.

michilines said...

and I'm the conservative

Well, that makes sense.

blake said...

Can't they get a real conservative?

You're not a social con, you don't seem to express a lot of fiscally conservative viewpoints, you obviously don't mix well with libertarians (or at least Libertarians?). Is it just that there are no actual conservatives, so a hawk has to do?

Though, in fairness, they'd have to get an interesting conservative who gives good radio. That's probably harder to find than any particular political stance.

Roost on the Moon said...

Oh no!

Are you braced for all the wino jokes?

Ann Althouse said...

Froggy: I'm not booking the show. I'm just going on the show when they ask me. If they want someone who follows state politics more closely than I do, they'll ask someone else. But frankly, what good would it do to follow this budget process more closely? Nothing's happening. What are you going to say about it? I've read the recent news stories to try to get some substance, but it's very thin. I'm not accepting an assignment to defend the Republicans, even if the person on the other side spouts the Democratic line. That's just the way it is. If they book me, they get me. Complain to the station if you don't like it.

The Drill SGT said...
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The Drill SGT said...

Your co-speaker today was frighteningly un-conversant on the Concept of Senate veto's (she fumbled and could not find the word) and could not get the vote count right either saying to "get things moving" the Dems needed a 2/3's vote rather than 60% majority.

The Drill SGT said...

when you don't go on, do they have a real conservative on? or do they get a recovering Perotite to cover that side?

Ann Althouse said...

Sometimes they have a more conservative person, but there's no reason to exclude more centrist people like me. I do take the "conservative" side on national security and war issues, which tend to dominate. (I put "conservative" in quotes because I believe in the existence of liberal hawks.)

Luckyoldson said...

Why in the world won't you just admit to be a conservative...period?

This "centralist" or "independent" silliness is just that...silly.

90% of the people who visit your blog are conservatives who wouldn't spend five minutes here if they suspected for a second that you were anything but.

blake said...

Blatantly false.

Most of the conservatives here believe she is a liberal. Go on and ask them.

I'd say she's a left-leaning centrist.

I'm here because this is not a strictly political blog, and because I relate to this whole BDS issue.

I disagree with almost every major policy action Bush has taken. I didn't vote for him (either time); I couldn't bring myself to do so. But I'm glad he beat Kerry and I respect him as our President.

That, by itself, is enough to bring out the troll in a lot of people.

Luckyoldson said...

If you actually think this is a centralist blog or that most of the conservatives think Ann is a liberal you need more meds.

Also, if you actually approve of Bush over Kerry, especially with what we've gotten over the past 7 years and continue to "respect him," you're just another wingnut who doesn't have the balls to admit what you are.

Oh, and I don't believe you didn't vote for him either.

That's just plain bullshit.

blake said...


You're nothing if not predictable, Lucky. And you prove my point: A respectful attitude toward the President, even when coupled with a general disagreement for almost all of his policies makes me a wingnut in your eyes.

I can even spell out all the ways in which I disagree with him: Part D, most of NCLB, the Patriot Act and FMA. Even when I agree with him, I tend to disagree with his approach. (Like with immigration and the Schiavo case.) To say that he's weak on PR, a vital skill for any leader, doesn't begin to scratch the surface.

But nothing less than full on BDS counts for you and many like you, and I won't play.

As for Ann, most of the conservatives here have already said they consider her a liberal. But if the liberals won't have her, that pretty much by definition makes her centrist.