August 16, 2007

A White House wedding -- just the boost Bush needs?

I remember those two White House weddings back in the 1960s. Anyway, Jenna's getting married, and let's see how well this is coordinated to the political calendar. Sorry to be so cynical about love.


paul a'barge said...

Sorry to be so cynical

Apology accepted (it was sincere, right?).

Here's to your success at rising above such a personal failing.

Paddy O said...

Now a funny parody could be made with this:

Rumsfeld is The Wedding Planner.

The whole former cabinet teams up to plan the perfect wedding. Only somehow things don't go like they planned.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I was just musing about a White House wedding about two weeks ago.

Go, Jenna!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I don't think it's cynical to note that the pope's death [JP2] and Reagan's death/state funeral boosted Bush by taking the focus off him and by allowing him to appear as stately head-of-state.

KLDAVIS said...

I can fill you in on a less cynical reason for the's been at least a few months in the making, but it has been on hold because Jenna was a bride's maid in a wedding last weekend. As a matter of etiquette, it would have been gauche for her to begin/announce her engagement with her friends nuptials so close at hand.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Maybe there can be a wedding surge and have a double-wedding. Anyone know what Barbara's love life is like these days?

Karl: Nice to know etiquette still matters.

Latino said...

Bush has never run the office by poll and as a lame duck cares even less what the daily snapshot of a poll says. Nor is he the type of man who would let others, even political allies, use his daughter's wedding to advance their fortunes, if such a scenario even exists.

Bissage said...

Another dog would provide a sufficient boost for a lot less scratch.

The Drill SGT said...

I think it is reasonable that Jenna made a decision or that Laura mused about the advantages of a WH wedding. Fairy Tale, great staff, free wedding planning , yada yada, but as for doing it for political points. Get real. Beyond the fact that everything a President does has political impact, I dont think that everything that the President does is designed for political impact.

I assume she isn't marrying a guy running for congress in 2008. absent that, give the girl a break.

Best wishes Jenna

jimbino said...

Marriage is not highly correlated with love and, in fact, bears absolutely no relationship to it in any Biblical or Boccacial reference.

Paddy O said...

Jimbino, you're just plain wrong about the Biblical bit.

Love abounds. Especially in and with marriage.

Revenant said...

Marriage is not highly correlated with love and, in fact, bears absolutely no relationship to it in any Biblical or Boccacial reference.

Say what? The Song of Solomon is probably the most famous collection of love poetry ever written, and its subjects are married couples.

Far be it from me to defend the Bible, but the notion that Biblical marriage has nothing to do with love is completely ridiculous.

rhhardin said...

The cynicism, of course, really just acknowledges that the mindless drek that the media puts out is in fact aimed at women.

No guy cares about a wedding.

Women are the audience for the news biz. Only 40% of them, too! But it's enough to make a living off of.

Those women mediate every public discussion.

It's a step up from previous centuries, with nettle :

Tis little matter / What are the sorts they sow, / For only one will grow ... The charlock on the fallow .. will not twice arise. The stinging nettle only / Will still be sure to stand ... It peoples towns, and towers / About the courts of kings ... (Housman),

and the house fly:

The fly is not reasoning well just now. A man buzzes at its ears. This is enough to render it incapable of good advice. If I would have it find truth, I should chase away this animal which holds its reason in check and disquiets that intelligence which governs kingdoms. (Lautreamont)

Now it's soap opera women running the country.

michilines said...

Karl sounds very authoritative until you find out that the guy didn't propose until yesterday.

What's more interesting is that Ann decided to blog this instead of the Padilla verdict.

Jim Howard said...

This will really boost the President's chance for re-election!

Revenant said...

What's more interesting is that Ann decided to blog this instead of the Padilla verdict.

What's even more interesting is that Ann put up a post about Padilla twelve minutes before you wrote that.

Paddy O said...

What's more interesting is that Ann decided to blog this instead of the Padilla verdict.

How did this become the "missing the obvious" comments section?

jimbino said...

Which of Solomon's concubines was his poetry written for (if indeed it was his)?

Just what are those attributes of marriage-as-we-know it in Amerika that you find in the Bible? Must be either the love, the sex, the cohabitation or the wine. Those are exactly the attributes of a gay couple's relationship!

Where exactly in the Bible do you find those other 1000 privileges that Amerikan married couples have that singles and gay couples don't?

Paddy O said...

Oh, sorry. I thought you were leaving a comment. I didn't know you were making a Point.

Facts can't help that. So, I won't list any verses.

Reminds me of a Monty Python sketch though:

Bounder: Anyway you're interested in one of our adventure holidays?

Tourist: Yes I saw your advert in the bolour supplement

Bounder: The what?

Tourist: The bolour supplement

Bounder: The colour supplement?

Tourist: Yes I'm sorry I can't say the letter 'B'

Bounder: C?

Tourist: Yes that's right. It's all due to a trauma I suffered when I was a spoolboy. I was attacked by a bat

Bounder: A cat?

Tourist: No a bat

Bounder: Can you say the letter 'K'

Tourist: Oh yes, Khaki, king, kettle, Kuwait, Keble Bollege Oxford

Bounder: Why don't you say the letter 'K' instead of the letter 'C'

Tourist: what you mean.....spell bolour with a K

Bounder: Yes

Tourist: Kolour. Oh that's very good, I never thought of that what a silly bunt

Bounder: Anyway about the holiday

Revenant said...

Which of Solomon's concubines was his poetry written for (if indeed it was his)?

I guess you weren't paying attention. The people are *married*; the woman is not a concubine.

Titus10 said...

Jenna's got nice tits. Firm, obviously patriotic, can probably bend steel and generally have a good bounce to them. Jenna stuffs her tits into her blouses well and we generally are able to see a nice bustline that looks tight, long and able to take a mean hog.

Barbara Bush (the other twin) tits don't do anything for me though. Seem to be rather flat, maybe even a little liberal, and no bounce whatsoever.

Jenna knows how to work her tits. Barbara doesn't know what to do with her tits and they seem to be a burden for her.

Jenna gets her tits from her Mom, Laura, who has a nice pair and seem to be holding up under the pressure of the second term and bad polling. Barbara seniors tits on the other hand are just plain evil. Poor George Senior having to deal with Babs tits for his entire lifetime. Babs tits are obivously tough on terror but she needs a titectomy (medical term for chopping some of the tit). If Babs lost a few pounds on each tit and wore a cone bra she might be doable but I bet she is a bossy bottom-I hate bossy bottoms.

Titus10 said...

Oh and Jenna's marriage won't last.

Titus10 said...

Lynn Cheney has the most conservative, tough on terror tits that you will find on any woman walking the earth.

Lynn Cheney's left tit could defuse a nuclear bomb while her right tit made a gourmet meal of coq au vin sprinkled with spices and shaved escargot.

Lynn Cheney's tits make a man proud to be American. They are in a continuous state of attention and you can't get any more patriotic than those two guns staring you in the eyes.

Lynn also knows how to work her tits. She always walk with the tits first so we have no choice but do honor and obey those unabashedly conservative milk bags.

Lynn's tits could break a commie cock in two and entice the toughest of necons into blind submission. The thought of those jugs doing their work on my business ties me in knots and would bring me to my knees with respect and adoration.

God Bless Lynn Cheney's tits.

Icepick said...

Rumsfeld is The Wedding Planner.

I can see the tag line now:

"They thought they would be greeted with flowers. They were dead wrong."

KLDAVIS said...

michilines said...

Karl sounds very authoritative until you find out that the guy didn't propose until yesterday.

Do you really think engagements are a surprise anymore? Even if they are for some people, they aren't for the daughter of the sitting president.

I only know what a co-worker told me. She was at the wedding last weekend where the President and First Lady were in attendance and the newly engaged daughter was a bride's maid. She said it was obvious that the "official" engagement was being put on hold until after that wedding and that announcement would be made this week.


Unknown said...

I think gay people should protest this wedding. It is utterly unfair that Jenna be able to get married, while we cannot. And we should do whatever we can to disrupt it and make that day as miserable as possible for her and the President.

Revenant said...

I think gay people should protest this wedding.

Yeah, that's just the thing for convincing the majority of Americans that gay people don't want to destroy hetero marriage: trying to destroy a hetero marriage.

MadisonMan said...

I'm guessing that if the wedding is before '09, it will have to be a White Wedding (White House, that is). Imagine the security headaches if it were in a church somewhere.

icepick, thanks for the chuckle.

Bissage said...

I deeply regret that I will be unable to attend the wedding ceremony or the reception afterwards.

I will, however, send a nice blender.

kentuckyliz said...

Funny tit rant.

Re the Barbaras:
If no one is playing with your fun bags, does that make them sad sacks?

Downtownlad: who do you want to marry? how long have you been together? I'm interested in hearing all about your fiancee.

I think Scooter, Rummie, and Karl should be the wedding planners.