August 25, 2007

Their heart grew cold...



(Two more photos from a walk Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.)


ricpic said...

Is this Red Hook?

rumtumtugger said...

DUMBO, the bit just before it turns into vinegar hill - but then again, DUMBO is always on the verge of turning into something else.

Trooper York said...

That's David Walentas house...just ask any of his tenants

Gedaliya said...

My guess is that the phrase comes from Anne Carson's translation of Sappho's fragment 42:

their heart grew cold
they let their wings down

Bissage said...

Those are some happening trees.

Good thing they're staked in their pots.

We wouldn't want them to blow over or anything.

And they sure do the trick.

That sidewalk's a veritable sylvan glade.

And there's not a street vendor in sight.

But they're skinny, sad little things.

Not much in the way of heartwood, cold or otherwise.