August 17, 2007

"Northwest might eventually own Midwest."

Strange headline. (Unstrange article.)


Eli Blake said...

It could get weirder.

Northwest is based in Minnesota, which is in the Midwest. The company which controls Midwest is based in Texas, which is in the Southwest. Meanwhile, in other aviation news, Southwest is primed to become the largest carrier in terms of number of passengers served after expanding service in the Northwest and Midwest.

Ask me something simple, like

Who's on first?

losergrrl said...

I've always been afraid of flying.

This is all too complicated and makes me even more frightened.

What shall I do?

MadisonMan said...

Who's on first?

I don't know.

peter hoh said...

Do they speak American there?

Original Mike said...

I hate Northwest (though I fly them a lot, because O'Hare sucks).

I love Midwest (which is one hell of a statement about an airline).

I'm despondent.

MadisonMan said...

Midwest really is the best airline to fly. I pity those who aren't served by it. I guess I should enjoy it now before it's sold in a couple years.

jeff said...


reader_iam said...

Northwest, which my husband uses all the time to avoid O'Hare, was truly screwed up this summer. We both had unpleasant experiences with them this summer (and ended up dumped by them on other airlines and thus at O'Hare despite paying more for their flights to avoid O'Hare).

Eh, well. It's not as if air travel doesn't massively suck in the aughts as compared to earlier anyway. What's one more irritation.