August 6, 2007

Mysterious photograph.


Mysterious photograph wants you to say what I should vlog about. In 26 minutes.

UPDATE: Sorry, I had a major distraction, but now, hours later, the vlog is done and uploading. Watch this space. It will be up in mere minutes.

ADDED: Finally:


Gedaliya said...

Ok Ann...

I was born in 1950. Tomorrow I'll be 57.

60 is looming.

Any thoughts?

Lindsay Harrison said...

The graffiti on the Red Bull machine reminds me of one of my favorite movies - 12 Monkeys - in which public spaces were marked with an ominous graffiti that invoked fears of terrorism.

Do you like the film 12 Monkeys? Explain why or why not.

And what contemporary films alluding to terrorism itself or to post-terrorism anxieties have you liked or disliked?

United 93
Children of Men
V for Vendetta
28 Days Later
World Trade Center

You can name others that you think of as falling into these categories.

PM said...

I am a huge fan of Red Bull and am frequently asked what it tastes like without vodka. The whole subject makes me wonder...

What is your poison?

I assume wine, given its appearance on the blog, though we all know what happens when we assume. Plus, I've noticed the occasional brewski.

If it is wine, as a fellow wino I'm curious as to your favorites.

Hoosier Daddy said...

What is your favorite beer? I understand Wisconsin has some fine micro-brews.

Southside Scrapper said...

More onion rings!

Brett said...

If you had to pick a favorite Supreme Court justice (current or former), who would it be? And I don't mean ideology. Just which you like the best, and think has written the best opinions.

John Leszczynski said...

Would you have rather belonged to a different nation (or civilization)? If so, which? Different time period?

froggyprager said...

a general question related to earlier thread- when, if ever, do you think it would it be appropriate for the public, legislators, or the university admistration to ask about a professor at a public university about not strictly academic blog?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Talk about the egg-salad-sandwich eating challenge.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Could you talk about the 10 million hits milestone you're approaching? Try not to cry.

Maxine Weiss said...

How manipulative.

For one thing, Althouse won't have the vlog up in 26 minutes, if at all today, and then she'll talk about whatever she feels like.

The commenters are being exploited, and used, to collect material.

lee david said...

What do you think of Bob Dylan's voice.

gophermomhey said...

Blue Bayou
Blue Hawaii
Blue Suede Shoes
Blue Sky Mine (Midnight Oil)
Blue Sunday
New Blue Moon
Red, Red Wine
Blue Velvet
Electron Blue
Blue Skies
Blue Sky Baby Blue
Baby's In Black
Blue Christmas
Blue Money
Blue Moon
99 Red (Luft) Balloons
Tangled Up in Blue
Under The Red Sky
Little Red Corvette
Red Rain
Blue Monday
Blue Sky ????

Palladian said...

Well, I hope she won't be collecting material from you, Maxine. You ran out of material a long time ago.

So, Althouse, what do you think about the 17th century?


Did you smell "Bandit" yet?

reader_iam said...

Name something that makes you laugh but which most people don't find funny at all.

froggyprager said...

oops - I meant to say - when, if ever, do you think it would it be appropriate for the public, legislators, or the university admistration to ask a professor at a public university about a not strictly academic blog?

Peter Palladas said...

Do we preach the Socratic values because, like the Greeks, we have lost them?

And if so, are we not a bit concerned that we owe it all to an excitable German philosopher with a huge moustache, whom we would wish to regard as fundamentally unsound but now cannot?

Maxine Weiss said...

I've given Althouse so much material, so much grist for the blog mill....and what's my thanks?

Nothing but doubletalk, and saying how I've crossed the line.

I've not even begun to cross the line.

On a blog that regularly talks about phallic symbols, circumsion, and cleavage (and that's just the 'PG' rated stuff)......Althouse has the nerve to say that I've crossed the line?

You haven't seen anything yet. Alice Cooper?

Ann Althouse said...

26 minutes was the time limit for asking the questions, not a promise of when I could get the vlog up. You know YouTube isn't Flickr. It takes a while for it to absorb the file. Plus, as noted in the update, I got distracted. Don't you want your poor blogger to take advantage of the distractions that arise?

Jennifer said...

I can never think of questions on demand, but I would love to see a Palladian/Althouse vlog duo once you hit NYC.

B said...

What jennifer said

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

I'll donate $50, if & only if, instead of eating the egg salad, you dress up like Edie the Egg Lady in Pink Flamingos, sit in a play pen, & smear it all over your body!

Ann Althouse said...

Yikes! We're up to $150.73!

I better start looking for a recipe.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Maybe Nina has a good recipe. I'd bet she does.

You also might want to start fasting. Food of any kind tastes better after a fast.

Peter Palladas said...

Just don't watch 'Cool Hand Luke' while you're preparing the salad.

Peter Palladas said...

A full menu of what I am prepared to do on camera and for what price is available on request.

For certain special viewers I will probably offer to pay you.

Nothing involving hard fruit or foreign travel please.