August 14, 2007

"It's the 'brain' striations of some awesomely distorted pork flesh and/or fungus..."

Now, this is the very essence of blogging.
This egg. Man, this crazy egg. For two months it hardly did a thing. For four months it barely moved. Gradually over the course of a year it morphed into a cloudy gelatinous puddle. Still, it's not eggxactly brimming with astounding stalagmites of terror. But it does have some rad internal textures and clouds.

Via Make, via BoingBoing, which also linked to this, which I just love.


. said...

how much for you to eat that egg?

Ann Althouse said...

If you have to ask, you can't afford it.

Beth said...

When I got to the bottom of that photo essay, there was an ad for the Hoodia diet patch. Redundant, I thought.

Thanks for the nod to boingboing, Ann. I love that blog.

Kev said...

There is a Sonic Cookie Dough Blast that's been in my freezer for almost exactly two years now. My best friend left it in there, fully intending to finish it the next day, but it never happened. Since then, it's sort of turned into a running joke, having had two "birthdays" now. There's no way I'd ever let anyone eat it, but it really doesn't look all that bad, save for the fact that it's completely pulled away from the edges of the cup.

(Yes, I'm single at the moment, and I realize that the moment Wife or even Really Serious Girlfriend comes into the picture, the Blast is headed for the trash bin--outside, encased in plastic.)

Ann Althouse said...

Kev, I really think you should marry a girl who will find the cookie dough funny.