August 11, 2007

I'm your soul...

My creation


Meade said...

I read that as "I'm ur soul... gettin out a beer"

Guess it must be time for me to go do some soul work.

BTW, did that profile photo just change again or do I need to lay off the beer?

Simon said...

I kinda preferred last one, Meade. :) This one's hot, but the previous one was hot and cute. :)

Maxine Weiss said...

This photo:

I love zooming in. I can see the handwriting. I can even see the brand of watch.

What commenters say is that important and worthy you taking notes on ?

My name is hand written-printed, but Ruth Anne's name is in cursive ?

What could it all mean?

Meade said...

Simon, I left a comment on your blog.

Apparently I'm a 100% Feminist. But it didn't go up for some reason.

And yeah, I like cute and hot over hot and ticked off or something.

I'll go have that beer... maybe it'll change again.

Simon said...

Meade - hot is hot, but hot and cute simultaneously is hotter still (not to mention near-impossible to pull off).

Re your comment at SF, I apologize: Comment moderation for unreg'd users was turned on. I approved your comment out of the queue. Sorry about the delay and thanks for chipping in! :) I think you're the record-holder. ;)

mythusmage said...

Now we know Ann's dark secret, she's a member of Kittens Anonymous. A support group for people who love cats too much. She's addicted to kitties.

This is why she keeps blogging about how much she hats cats. She can have no contact with them, and if she told people about her problem, then others would keep trying to introduce her to their cats. It's a horrible disorder.

Remember, friends don't let persnickity Madison WI law professors become old cat ladies.

Meade said...

Simon, just never... ever... EVER forget - not even for a moment - SHE IS MAN-NIP-U-LATING US. She can't help it - you can't blame her - they all do it. Don't ask me Y. It's chromosomal.

(Also, Simon, no apology needed. Great blog. Duly registered. Thank you and Pat for the warm welcome. I'll try to behave myself.)