August 13, 2007

I love the #23 salad at The Old Fashioned...

... but why must they put that thing there?

Salad with a deviled egg

I'm shunning it! Ostracizing it! Why can I never remember to tell them to save that horrid thing with the Satanic name?


cryptical said...

You gonna eat that? Pass it over here.

Ron said...

Eggs! They're haunting you! You'll have a Felliniesque dream of being chased by a giant egg...and wake up in a cold mayo-like sweat...

. said...

i would push it off of the plate and onto the floor... are we ever going to get another podcast?

Unknown said...

And all my life, I've thought I was the only one who couldn't abide deviled eggs.

Hoosier Daddy said...

I can clean off a whole plate of those things.


Anonymous said...

I thought you meant the breast. Dang.

Unknown said...

Aww you're just rejecting the symbol of the feminine. Or something.

MadisonMan said...

If you're familiar enough with the #23 to know you love it -- why not just say 'NO' to the egg when ordering?

Ron said...

for You Egg Woman!

In the West Village!

PatHMV said...

Don't ostracize it, oostracize it!

Bissage said...

That’s a curious embellishment best explained by the chef’s own predilections.

I found him on the internet.



knox said...

I know what I'm makin this afternoon!

Chip Ahoy said...

They put it on there because they love you. They wanted you to have a little something extra.

Mary E. Glynn said...

I'm shunning it! Ostracizing it!

No. You're just wasting food.

MadisonMan said...
If you're familiar enough with the #23 to know you love it -- why not just say 'NO' to the egg when ordering?

PeterP said...

I so agree. Radicchio lettuce is an abomination to the nation.

A bitter taste, quite hateful, imposed by the fashion police.

Rise up and refuse the repellent radicchio right now.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

A mother and child reunion?

Unknown said...

If you feel that way about a deviled egg, whatever you do, stay clear of *shudder* curried eggs on toast, an old Friday Catholic favorite.

peacelovewoodstock said...

>curried eggs on toast

Now that brings up some long repressed memories.

We also had "welsh rarebit", aka hardboiled eggs on white toast with undiluted Campbell's Cheddar Cheese soup poured over top.

. said...

get the hard cooked egg (as they call it on the menu) 'to go' and hand it to the first beggar who hits you up for spare change....

re radicchio: it's not as offensive as frisee.. does anyone actually eat that stuff? ...they should just stop growing it and grow something that people won't have to pick out of their salad

Unknown said...

I believe it's salmon, not chicken breast.

Kev said...

I'm with Hoosier Daddy, knoxwhirled and the other Kevin on this one; I love deviled eggs! I'm not sure I've ever had them in a "non-picnic" situation, though, so it was odd to see it on a restaurant plate like that.

Ann Althouse said...

Marc's right. It's salmon.

As for curried eggs, they'd be hot, so that would overcome my problem with the deviled eggs and egg salad. By the way, my mother often made chipped beef on toast for dinner, and we all loved it!

Bissage said...

Who says eggs ain't fun?



hdhouse said...


take it a step at a time. hard boil one. slice it in half. remove the yolk part which is obviously what gives you the willies. take a small bit of onion, a few capers and some caviar and use that mixture to replace the yolk.

take a shot of vodka (good vodka is better than cheap here)..put it in the freezer and get it down to the syrup stage.

1 egg caviar shot.

good luck. write me after the first dozen or so. i got into a toasting session with some ukrainians in odessa some time ago. the eggs were the only thing that kept me alive.

Eli Blake said...

You know, in China they bury eggs for years, then dig them up, sometimes in another generation. It's considered a delicacy.

Speaking of burying, I have to admit being fascinated at the political calculations of Karl Rove in terms of his resigning today. He waited until the Alan Placa scandal was primed to explode under Rudy in the mainstream media, and then resigned to send the pack chasing in another direction. The guy is patholigically incapable of doing anything that doesn't have a political calculation attached to it.

Maybe that should be the new line for a proposal (which actually makes eminently good sense when you stop and think long enough):

Honey, will you bury me?

Revenant said...

I hate deviled eggs. Hate hate hate.

Palladian said...

Megadeth? Eggadeth!

Richie D said...

Althouse--how do you feel about peanut butter? or potato pancakes?

Sofa King said...

Perhaps this "Devil's Eggs" recipe would be more to your liking:

Die Eier von Satan

Eine halbe Tasse Staubzucker
Ein Viertel Teelöffel Salz
Eine Messerspitze türkisches Haschisch
Ein halbes Pfund Butter
Ein Teelöffel Vanillenzucker
Ein halbes Pfund Mehl
Einhundertfünfzig Gramm gemahlene Nüsse
Ein wenig extra Staubzucker
... und keine Eier

In eine Schüssel geben
Butter einrühren
Gemahlene Nüsse zugeben und
Den Teig verkneten

Augenballgroße Stücke vom Teig formen
Im Staubzucker wälzen und
Sagt die Zauberwörter
Simsalbimbamba Saladu Saladim

Auf ein gefettetes Backblech legen und
Bei zweihundert Grad für fünfzehn Minuten backen und

Bei zweihundert Grad für fünfzehn Minuten backen und
Keine Eier ..

amba said...


The Eggs [balls?] of Satan.

1/2 c. confectioners' sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1 knife-tip Turkish hashish
1/2 lb. butter
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
1/2 lb. flour
150 g. ground nuts
a little extra confectioners sugar
. . . and no eggs

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl and beat in the butter. Add the ground nuts and knead the dough.

Form eyeball-sized pieces of the dough. Roll them in confectioners' sugar. Say the magic words "Simsalbimbamba Saladu Saladim!"

Place them on a greased baking tin and bake at 200 degrees [C - 392 F] for 15 minutes, and ...


amba said...

Save it for me. I love good deviled eggs -- especially the whites with just a small amount of yolk mixture. My husband (not American-born) calls them "bedeviled eggs."

I do not like egg salad because I don't like all that mayonnaise.

amba said...

And I'm surprised no one has said


David53 said...

Pizza and beer cruise.


MMMMMMM deviled eggs and beer.

Somehow I can see Althouse eating fried bat wings before partaking of that particular combo.

Susan said...

The best and fastest way to make deviled eggs is to mix the egg yolk with Durkee's
Famous Sauce
. Yum.

Gahrie said...

I make a mean deviled egg. a dozen eggs, a pinch or two of sea salt, a half dozen dashes of worstershire sauce, a teaspoon of miracle whip, a couple of table spoons of yellow musturd, a couple of tablespoons of dill relish....

Unknown said...

The curried eggs I remember were not spicy, tho. Just hard boiled and broken up into a milk/butter sauce with a little curry, which makes it all yellow, then served warm. The kitchen smelled like a stink bomb went off.

kentuckyliz said...

Our Friday Catholic meals (Lent only, I'm post Vatican 2) were Dad making pancakes, or Dad making omelets, or Dad springing for fish 'n' chips at Arthur Treachers...oh, how penitential.

Curried anything, done outside of a proper Indian restaurant, is repulsive.

I love deviled eggs. Especially with powdered yellow mustard mixed in, and a little bit of chopped green olive, sprinkled with paprika. I don't make them but I am in front of the beeline for them at Dinner on the Grounds after Sunday Mass.

My brother has a great woman/egg art photo on his site: "Photo Composition should work on many levels: Let's see, there's the mother of my children in front of a Dali statue of a woman with an egg in her belly while behind is the BA London Eye with 32 egg-shaped pods in a circle and I don't even want to speculate on the contrail's significance."