August 5, 2007

An evening walk around the neighborhood.

Carrying only the iPhone, listening to a playlist I call "Fondness," I take this photo at the top of the hill before darkness sets in:


The song in the earbuds is "Across the Universe" and then, "Cabin Essence."

Later, working my back toward home, it's dark now:


The song is "Daniel" and then "I Feel Free."


george said...

Hah! The Airplane House! It's good to see that it's in good condition. It will be 100 years old next year.

Walnut Creek CA

Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Ann Althouse said...

I'm not leaving Madison. I was just taking a walk and playing with the iPhone.

Mark Daniels said...

After worshiping this morning, then traveling an hour to meet a visiting niece we hadn't seen in four years, and finally, selling off four boxes of books at Half Price Books, we met friends for dinner. There, our friend dazzled us with his new iPhone! It's undeniably cool.

Our friend made the gizmo even more intriguing by showing me how my blog appears on it, doing that cool spreading of his forefinger and thumb to make the site readable.

He also showed us some photos that he took using the iPhone's camera. Very impressive.

I'll look forward to seeing more of the pics you snap with it...and whatever other stuff you can do.

Mark Daniels

Southside Scrapper said...

Ann, you are not the only person who can take a crooked picture. However, mine are much more interesting and done with my humble VX8300.

MadisonMan said...

I wonder if I'll ever call that sub shop anything other than Big Mike's?

Susan said...

I'm impressed with the photo at the top where both the flowers in the foreground and the house in the background are in focus.

Eclecticity said...

Cabin Essence. Yes!

Original Mike said...

MM said: "I wonder if I'll ever call that sub shop anything other than Big Mike's?"

Another Mike loses his name.