August 5, 2007

David Bowie and "Flight of the Conchords."

Since David Bowie popped up for almost no reason in the previous post, I thought I'd talk about how much I like the new HBO show "Flight of the Conchords" where David Bowie just popped up in Bret's dream:

Then, later, Bowie's in space:

Questions raised/issues spotted:

1. Do you like "Flight of the Conchords"?

2. What are some other songs about space? We've already implicitly cited this one:

And there's "Rocket Man." I was just listening to Elton John's "Rocket Man" the other day on my iPhone and thinking about William Shatner's "Rocket Man," when I walked through an archway into a courtyard and happened upon a gamelan performance. That was rather spacey.

3. Bret or Jemaine?

4. Hey, Mr. Spaceman, won't you please take me along for a ride?

5. What are the top 10 reasons why stories of alien abduction must be false?

6. Did you know that that the lyrics to "Mr. Spaceman" contain a key word for answering question #1 in the previous post?


Bissage said...

"What are the top 10 reasons why stories of alien abduction must be false?"

Number 7: Our carbon-based memory erasure technology is perfect.

Bissage said...

P.S. Bad link to Mr. Shatner.

P.P.S. YouTube is uncooperative right now.

P.P.P.S. Shazbot!

Joseph said...

What are some other songs about space?

I always liked Bowie's Starman.

Bissage said...

Okay, YouTube's up again and I found that Shatner video for you.

Here it is.

Dave said...

Tried to watch Flight of the Conchords but I don't understand the humor. So, no, I don't like it. Others seem to like it tho.

Daryl said...

5. What are the top 10 reasons why stories of alien abduction must be false?

I wouldn't say "must," I would say circumstantial evidence strongly suggests they are false, but I would have to leave open the possibility that at least some of them are real, simply because, from a scientific standpoint, we can't rule it out.

A. A lot of the people who claim them are clearly mentally disturbed. Some are bona fide schizophrenics, others are just weirdos.

B. They seem easily suggestible, because their claims mirror things that have happened in movies

C. They describe all sorts of different creatures, rather than having a story that is consistent between people.

D. The stories about probes and artificial insemination suggest that these stories are about deep-seated fears of sex (which goes right along with A, that they're crazy)

E. The stories about "implants" always turn out to be nothing at all.

F. The hucksters who act as leaders in the abduction movement behave like bad cultists in the way they sucker the lonely "abductees" in.

G. (reserved)

H. (reserved)

I. If you think I've just been attacking their credibility, and not addressing any other evidence, well . . . thats the only evidence they have. And I don't find them very credible. Neither should you.

J. I don't remember ever being abducted, and neither do any of my friends or family members.

Red said...

I love Flight of the Conchords.

Red said...

Though I have to say that their songs are much better live than in the series, which may or may not be surprising.
(Bowie's in Space)
(Hiphopapotamous vs. Rhymenoceros, infinitely better live)

TMink said...

FOC make me laugh, they make me laugh a lot. My current favorite is Business time.


TMink said...

Inca Roads by FZ has many space allusions.

Did a vehicle come from somewhere out there just to land in the Andes? Was it round, and did it have a motor, or was is something different?


Maxine Weiss said...

Savage Garden: 'To The Moon and Back'

Fly Me To The Moon (Sinatra)
Blue Moon (Ella)
Moonlight Becomes You (Mathis)
Dancing In the Moonlight
Moonglow (Jerry Vale)
Oh, You Crazy Moon (Sinatra)
No Moon At All (Julie London)
Moondance (Michael Buble)

When You Wish Upon The Stars...Linda Rondstadt

bwebster said...

The Moody Blues had an entire album: "To Our Children's Children's Children"

LoafingOaf said...

About half the songs by the late-80s/early-90s band The Pixies were about space and aliens.

LoafingOaf said...

"Moon Shot" by Buffy Sainte-Marie is a good song.

lee david said...

Are the Conchord the next Monkees?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Stewie Griffin knows what it takes to be cool.

Re: Flight of the Conchords...if it's an HBO series, I'll probably like it. I have for all of them so far. Just have to wait for NetFlix to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

To me, Bret will always be Figwit the Elf.

Chris said...

Major Tom by Peter Schilling (1983)

Julie Adams said...
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Julie Adams said...

My current favorite Conchords song is "Think About It," in which they take on the world's issues. I actually did LOL when I heard it.

Emy L. Nosti said...

1. I get CBS, that's it.
2. Also sprach Zarathustra? Big Empty or The Space Between? Across The Universe, Satellite, Eclipse (on Dark Side OTM), Space Lazer Battle, Vincent (Starry, Starry Night), Baa baa--errr--the alphabet--errr--Twinkle Twinkle, at least 2 Coldplay songs, Moonlight Sonata, and then there's this music video I've rather liked.
3.This question is hardly germane given answer #1, but I suppose I superficially prefer Bret.
4. That's Ms. Spacewoman, thankyouverymuch. And what's in it for me?
5. Hitchen's reasons in GING were satisfactory, but if I recall, Sagan was more eloquent and forceful in Demon-Haunted World. I'll leave that question to them.
I liked his position on ET life in general as well:
When [Carl Sagan] was asked if he thought there was intelligent life on any of the billions of planets out there in the universe, he said he didn't know. When interviewers persisted, asking him what his "gut feeling" was on the matter, he answered: "I try not to think with my gut. Really, it's okay to reserve judgment until the evidence is in."
6. No.

tjl said...

Bowie's entire "Ziggy Stardust' album.

Peter Hoh said...

Every clip I've seen suggests that I would enjoy "Flight of the Conchords," but nothing is going to persuade me to pay for television.

three said...

I love Flight of The Conchords. It is easily one of my favorite shows out right now.