August 19, 2007

Blogging from an iPhone somewhere in Brooklyn.

My typing skills on this thing are not so good, so I'm not up for the usual cutting and pasting and linking, so let's declare this post a coffeehouse -- hey, this cafe has WiFi -- and you can talk amongst yourselves or serve up some questions for a vlog I intend to do later.

UPDATE: After walking many miles -- including a pilgrimmage to the place I lived a quarter of a century ago -- I've finally found another cafe with WiFi. I'll recount my emotional adventure, with photographs, later.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Sorry for no vlog today. I came home from my walk with 101 photographs and got a bit distracted.


AllenS said...

So, what's everybody going to do today?

Chuck said...

Iphone eh? Have you gotten your first 300 + page bill yet?

Sharon said...

Maybe I missed this, but why did Ann move to Brooklyn? Is she teaching at a law school there?

Theo Boehm said...

So, what's everybody going to do today?

Well, I've been to Church already.  My family's away, so that's quite an accomplishment for a Sunday morning.  When I'm alone I usually go to the 'hangover Mass' at 4:00 on Saturday.

I'm eating brunch right now, and then I'm off to look at new TV sets.  Ours died last week.

When I get back, I'm going to go to work on two flute bodies that have to be finished tomorrow.  I expect a late night.

Procrastination killed my Saturday.  How about yours?

XWL said...

I have lots of Brooklyn and Brooklyn Law School related questions, only answer the interesting ones.

Do you expect to change your methodology at all while teaching at a different university?

Is there going to be a 'meet and greet' get together with the other faculty as the school year approaches?

Noticed on the Brooklyn Law School website they mention about you, "She is frequently sought by the media for her opinions on legal issues in the news"

Now that you're closer to the media's hometown, do you expect to be doing more in studio stuff at FNC, CNN, or MSNBC?

How much spam has your new brooklaw email already received?

Did you have any input as to which photo they chose to illustrate your blurb?

In their "About the School" statement here's part of what they say, "Our curriculum is attuned to the evolving needs of our students and the society they will serve. Innovative teaching techniques augment traditional course offerings with instruction in emerging areas of law."

With that in mind, how are you 'attuned to the evolving needs of your students', and what 'innovative teaching techniques' will you bring to Brooklyn Law?

(too many questions?)

AllenS said...

Saturday, I worked on my Case skid steer. Than drank way too much beer. So I'm laying low today. What about everyone else?

ZPS said...

Longtime commenter. As I recently moved to Brooklyn myself for grad school in Manhattan (I'm a native of Southern California)...welcome (back?) to Brooklyn, Ann!

I often completely agree and wholeheartedly disagree with all your posts...which makes your site one of my favorites. In short, I think you're fabulous.

Today I'm going to finish my laundry and watch CNN as Dean destorys Jamaica (not the one in Queens, but the island). Looks like it's going to rain here too, no?


al said...

So, what's everybody going to do today?

Just got home from Church and the plan was to watch the 3M Performance 400 with my son but it's raining as much there as it is here.

I guess I'll clean my office...

Trooper York said...

Went to mass this morning...had the stuff to prepare dinner tonight...opened the store

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Sharon: Here's the scoop.

blake said...

I don't know: I can't see that far into the future.

[waves at Eli]

Titus11 said...

So girl are you going to be one of those Brooklyn types that moves there and hardly ever comes back in the city?

All my friends that moved to Brooklyn now never leave Brooklyn.

Don't forget to come into the Village. Also, you need to check out Chelsea which is completely different from when you lived there 25 years ago. As well as Williamsburg-a little too trendy though-I am in my mid 30's and feel old going there.

Love your view by the way-that view doesn't go cheap. You rich? You want to be my sugar mommy?

So what is first on your list of things to do or places to see?

Michael said...

Ann: My typing skills on this thing are not so good...

I understand one of the tricks for iPhone typing n00bs is to press-and-hold your finger on the letter you wish to type, look to see which letter the iPhone thinks you're typing, and if you're off by a letter or two you rotate your finger up, down, right, or left to select the letter you really intended. Once you got the letter you want, then and only then lift your finger.

It might not be fast, but it's faster than correcting typos.

peter hoh said...

So what am I doing today? No garden work today. It's raining again. Instead, I'm assembling some LEGO machines for a class I'm teaching this week.

Maxine Weiss said...

Althouse won't have the guts to admit that it's not working out and the crime problem is worse than she thought. The Central Park Jogger, etc. It's no place for a single woman, out walking alone.

Looking For Mr. Goodbar ....

The lack open spaces and green pasture, it's hard to admit to ourselves when we've made a mistake.

And, then to not leave yourself an "easy out" , an escape clause, a misery clause.....when you know yourself so well, and know what you can and cannot tolerate, and have the ability to forsee the negatives......if there's crime, even the hint of crime---your life is ruined!

Love, Maxine


Trooper York said...

Maxine...please give it a rest...just stay at home with your cats and let the prof enjoy herself...she's not a "scaredy cat"....she's a cool cat...slinking through the city streets...going where she takes a notion to explore.... there is nothing to be afraid of in walking in Brooklyn...especially in the Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope...of course it's not as safe as hiding in your room under your blankie...with the only crime in the sight....a criminal waste of life.

Palladian said...

"Althouse won't have the guts to admit that it's not working out and the crime problem is worse than she thought. The Central Park Jogger, etc. It's no place for a single woman, out walking alone."

Have you been to New York since "Serpico" was released, you tired old cow?

Maxine Weiss said...

"...going where she takes a notion to explore.... there is nothing to be afraid of in walking in Brooklyn"

Coney Island at night. (I wouldn't even go during the day) Bedford-Stuyvesent (day or night). Flatbush, and what is Althouse going to do when she finds herself at Brooklyn College at night?


Trooper York said...

First of all...that's not where she was walking...she was strolling through Brownstone Brooklyn on a lazy Sunday afternoon....sure you don't go to Michael Vicks house party with a lamb chop around your neck...but you don't have to cower in some shut in lunatic...also, Coney Island isn't the end of the world...or Flatbush...and Bed/Stuy is full of hipster's these days...however they are also full of brown people and I guess that just scares you....don't worry they aren't all out to get you...especially on a lazy August Sunday afternoon.