August 11, 2007

The 10 millionth visitor arrived at 7:25 this morning.

I'm celebrating by writing this post before getting out of bed.

Who was it?
Domain Name:(Unknown)
IP Address: (Unknown Organization)
ISP: Unknown ISP
Continent: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Lat/Long: unknown
It's the Unknown Visitor. Like the Unknown Soldier or the Unknown Comic.

Bonus Gong Show clip:

And that's as good as it gets on the old Althouse blog.


The Drill SGT said...


I've been away for 10 days. Did I miss much?

Ann Althouse said...

Oh, no, we've just been egging each other on.

Ron said...

Puns before coffee? Whew! I would've been content with just more breast-blogging!

Bissage said...

(1) Congratulations!

(2) My favorite from the unknown comic:

Unknown Comic: Hey, hey, I crossed an elephant with a rhinoceros!

Chuck Barris: What'd ya get?

Unknown Comic: Helliphrhino!!!

Paco Wové said...

According to these people and these people, it was probably a Verizon Internet customer from Chicago.

Galvanized said...

Aw, congratulations on hitting the mil, Althouse! You should feel proud! Blogging expends a lot of energy and requires much effort. And to have attracted that many readers/hits is a great accomplishment! :)

OK, a celebratory vlog today! Put on some black boots and mash some eggs...or something!

KLDAVIS said...

According to a tracert, belongs to:


Susan said...

At the end of the Gong Show clip Chuck says, "Thanks, Paul", answering the question I'd been thinking through the whole thing, "Is that Pee Wee?". But who was "Betty" and the bigger question, why did I think they were hilarious and not just lame?

Congratulations. I clicked in earlier this morning as visitor 10,000,024. Dang, just missed it.

Peter Hoh said...

I'm guessing that Betty was a fellow member of the Groundlings.

IIRC, there's a regular commenter whose lawyer is Paul Reuben's sister.

Biff said...

Karl's probably right. Using some of the geekier, low level tools, that address maps to the Verizon network, somewhere in NYC.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Re: the "unknown" hit. He or she came from Protein Wisdom, uses a Windows-based computer, stayed for 11 minutes and explored a sock-puppetry post.

Probably not from around here.

And we didn't even get a chance to thank him.

Simon said...


Kev said...


With any luck, I'll hit 30,000 on my own blog any month now. ;-)