August 25, 2007

1. Read article about making life lists.

2. Blog about life lists article.

3. Compare life list to other sorts of to-do lists.

4. Decide they have some value, charm, and spiffiness.

5. Decline to make a life list.


Galvanized said...

The life list probably serves as a visual reminder whereas most people just keep one running in their heads. Still, it WOULD be effective in hitting you in the face until you reach those goals, so it is probably a motivator for people who hate looking at things left undone. It's easier to dismiss something quietly if there's no physical evidence of it.

rhhardin said...

Today's life list :
1. Milk
2. Brown Rice

A life list is to help you remember what you're almost out of when you get to the store.

Woody Allen in fact had some some important lists now that I've stimulated that ancient neuron.

B said...

1. Check Blogs

2. Make committment to spend less time reading blogs, spend more time with family

3. Start #2 on Monday

Ruth Anne Adams said...

xxx6. Eat an egg salad sandwich for

[Jeez, where's a strike-through html tag when you need it?]

amba said...

Marvelous. You have to click through the link to appreciate the post.

Reminds me of James Michener's novel about publishing, titled The Novel. The New York Times Book Review titled its review "The Review."

wu zhenzhen said...

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