July 18, 2007

What's Homer Simpson doing with that pagan rain god?

Ring toss! (Via Classical Values.)


Mike said...

I don't know what they're upset about. At least Homer's wearing underwear.

XWL said...

You want yer ring toss, I got yer ring toss right here.

Zeb Quinn said...

You're take looks as good as mine as to what Homer is doing, but as far as the other picture goes, that's gotta be Exhibit "A" for why the Consumer Product Safety Commission was created, because that's a dangerous instrumentality begging to be recalled.

PatHMV said...

Dr. Ruth spoke at my college and recommended that game... maybe it was with onion rings instead of donuts, though.

ricpic said...

Donut on dick
Makes a sugary stick.

mythusmage said...


About the second picure; your education was how lacking?

Anyway, were the girls in picture 2 playing the same game as Homer in picture 1, just imagine the reaction. :)

Oldest Girl: We prefer playing ringtoss with you, Mr. Simpkins; daddy's got such a tiny stake.

AJD said...

My condolences, A-House.

I can imagine the excitement you must have had posting that picture. Maybe you'll get lots of hits and tons of comments!! Certainly others will link to you!! The excitement!! !

And alas, only a handful of lame comments and no links.

I change my earlier vote. Today's theme: lameness.

Peter Palladas said...

...pagan rain god

Errr...no not rain, but something else altogether!

Local legend has it that if you copulate on the penis itself then a baby is bound to follow.

(Post-modernist interpretation though is somewhat different. Runs along the lines of: "You so much as touch my manly Hummer sunbeam and you're pre-history.")