July 12, 2007



Anything you want to talk about?

ADDED: Closeup:


It's called Scottish cotton thistle -- I guess because of that cottony stuff you see here.


Internet Ronin said...

I thought you'd never ask.

peter hoh said...

Thistle by the graveyard?

reader_iam said...

How people can confuse fanaticism with nihilism.

reader_iam said...

Or something lighter.

Internet Ronin said...

Oh, I don't know, beyond a certain point they are easy to confuse because they usually end up dead and rather light (Ashes to ashes and dust to dust ...)

Meade said...

There in the arrangement of the thistle's prickles is that Fibonacci spiral again. It's everywhere: in sunflowers, seashells, the Milky Way. I'd venture to guess one could find the Fibonacci spiral in all the best vortexes.

Ron said...

Is that top picture a still from the Scottish Thistle version of On The Town?

"Glas-glow! Glas-glow!
The Orkneys are up,
and England is down,
The people walk
on the peaty old ground"

Roger said...

Meade: where do you GET this stuff? You are a treasure trove of information!

If that thistle were growing in Washington State, we would have the noxious weed control folks out.

ricpic said...

Thistles growing by the railroad tracks,
No one notes or cares;
Like humanity's big strong back:
Simply staunchly there.

John said...

Thistle always makes me think of "The Day of the Triffids"....

Ruth Anne Adams said...

They were singin'
Bye, bye, Miss American Pie
drove my Chevy to the levy and the levy was dry
and good ole boys were drinkin' whiskey and rye [wry] singin'
thistle be the day that I die.

[or if you're going to your hairdresser]
thistle be the day that I dye.

Dadgum said...

Midwest cactus.

The Drill SGT said...

Originally the emblem of the House of Stuart, The Scottish Thistle is the national flower of Scotland.

It is not unusual for a Scottish Bride to use Thistles in her Bouquet.

And of course there is the funeral scene in Braveheart where young Wallace is given a Thistle by his future wife

The Drill SGT said...

I should also have said that it is the namesake of one of the 2 unofficial Scottish National Anthems.

Flower of Scotland

Scotland the Brave

Meade said...

Thanks, Roger. Just trying to give a little back after getting so much. Noxious weed is right! Consider us Hoosiers brothers-in-arms.