July 7, 2007



Talk about whatever you want.


Laura Reynolds said...

Made me think of marijuana

reader_iam said...

Should be in bed since we're headed to the beach in the early morning. But I just discovered a young teen relative of mine hanging and commenting around the 'net (with a real picture, using a real name and an utterly transparent nickname--with the same real picture; eek, but NOMB, right?). I remember the hour that relative was born, and until today it didn't seem that many years ago. Which, really, it isn't. Still.

Say--pass me that joint, will ya?

reader_iam said...

Though, honestly, that's not what that picture made me think of.

Peter Hoh said...

Reader, I suppose I need to have that talk with my kids again. And again.

My first stab at a rule: You can use your own name on the internet when you make it clear that you understand that everything you write can (and proabably will) be used against you.

Or, if you wouldn't want those words tattooed to your forhead, then don't put them on the internet.

reader_iam said...

Not my kid, not my rules.

Me, I'm raising my own kid, in certain specific areas, to be a skeptic, if not quite cynical. Not everyone agrees with that approach, of course (and who's to say mine's right, or even that it will work?--hell, I don't know).

Still, this is what is concerning me ... .

michilines said...

I didn't wait for the image to load. readeriam, thanks for the heads up.

Annie advertises conservatively.

I'll try a FUBAR moment -- ann althouse adds conserve!

Hell, Ann, you might make it!

reader_iam said...

readeriam, thanks for the heads up.

I'm not sure what you're referring to, but you're welcome.

Peter: When I said "not my kid, not my rules," I was referring to my relative, not your counsel. Just in case that wasn't clear.

Peter Hoh said...

Reader, yep, that meaning was clear to me.

George M. Spencer said...

I'd like to see President Bush make a surprise visit to the UN General Assembly on Monday morning at 9 a.m. and declare that the US is ready, willing, and able to lead a military force to liberate Zimbabwe from its evil dictator and to seek his capture, trial, and possible execution for his multifarious crimes against humanity. He should call on other nations to join in this multilateral force and ask the world body to vote right then and there.

Inflation there runs at 10,000 to 15,000 percent.

95 percent of the crops have failed.

Life expectancy--37 for men, 34 for women. No doctors.

Anyone who could have left has gone.

Silent Genocide the London Times calls it.

Zimbabwe's leading cleric has called on Britain to invade the country and topple the dicator" We should stick a boot up Mugabe's ass.

Finn Alexander Kristiansen said...

Does anyone know where to get really good Jamaican Beef Patties in Phoenix or on the West Coast?

I used to live in NYC/NJ and could always buy Tower Isle, but out here nobody seems to make or sell them.

(Yes I have food on my brain this morning).

rcocean said...

Talk about whatever you want?

OK, I just read the BHTV comments on the Kaus-Wright dialog. Stephen Kaus accused you of being uncivil and a drunk, and you called BHTV comments section a "sewer" and of course, defended yourself.

Why no separate post on the whole matter?

Just curious.

Ann Althouse said...

rcocean, good question. My reason is that I'm tired of linking to bhtv when they talk about me. They do it all the time, usually pretty lamely, and a link is a kind of positive reinforcement (even when I do it with a negative comment).

Plus, I'm just generally tired of using my blog as a forum for defending myself against attacks. Though I'm doing it now to answer your question, I've resolved not to spend my writing time that way.

rcocean said...

Thanks for the response.