July 17, 2007

Tuesday Morning Vlog.

Based on your questions.

UPDATE: Synchronization problem at the end fixed, so the ending that was missing is there now.


Ann Althouse said...

Damn! The video and audio tracks diverge in the end. A bit that I cut out on remains in audio and not video, which means that the picture is not synched and the last part of the audio is missing! I'll try to fix it.

Maxine Weiss said...

I'm distracted by all the ambient noise pollution coming in through the open window.

Ann Althouse said...

After the video, guys came and started mowing my lawn. It was much noisier!

Ron said...

You just have coffee for breakfast? That's cool...so do I, even though I shouldn't. I guess I was wondering if you preference was for sweet (pancakes, waffles, French toast) or savory (omelettes, hash browns, bacon) breakfast.

Ron said...

I love walking New York too...especially with another person just for the continual commentary.

marc said...

I want TomK's questions answered:

"A fashion question for you. What did you think of family values senator David Vitter's wife leopard skin dress she was wearing at the press conference while he was admitting sin and doing hookers? Looked more Studio 54 from 1978 than family values to me.

Also, what is your opinion of the media reporting that David Vitter likes to wear diapers? Any idea where you buy diapers to fit a 200 pound man? Are they specially made by a adult diaper business and if so what is your opinion of adult men wearing diapers? Specifically, adult men wearing diapers that rail against others regarding morality and sanctity of marriage and adultery? Not regular run of the mill men diaper wearers-that's their own business. I'm talking the religious right kind of men wearing diapers in private and in public go off on gays, adulterers, abstinence only and have a direct telephone line to God.

Do you think David Vitter should be shunned or welcome back with open arms by his christian supporters? Does it matter if he has paid for hookers just as long he believes in sanctity of marriage and abstinence only (for others)? Does it matter that he did it multiple times with many hookers?

What about David Vitter saying Clinton should step down because he was immoral and had an affair? Or Wendy Vitter saying she would cut off his penis and leave him if he ever did what Bill Clinton did but now is standing by her man just like Hilary Clinton. She went off on Hilary for staying with Bill but now is doing the same thing. Let's hear your thoughts.

Also, you have written quite a bit about John Edwards 400.00 haircut.
Any opinion regarding Mitt's Makeup bill that is currently posted on Politico? 1500.00 for makeup-too much, just enough or not enough? What makeup would you recommend for Mitt?"

Maxine Weiss said...

Uh, hate to tell ya, it won't be any quieter in Brooklyn, I'm afraid.

Ann Althouse said...

How did cutting off a man's penis get into the comments?

Anyway, speaking of cutting, the cuts I did in the video caused a technical problem, which I just solved, so the ending that was out of synch is now fixed (and includes a few seconds new audio at the very end).

Simon said...

Ron - it seems a little ambitious to ask a lady what her breakfast preferences are. ;)

Bea Arthur said...

Professor, you're going to love being back in New York. The city's much better than it was when you were here the last time. There's a lot of 9/11-related construction downtown, but, other than scaffolds everywhere, it's not so bad. It's hard to pin down, but the construction has a hopeful feel, and they're keeping things pretty neat and clean around most of the sites. If all this work had been going on in "normal" times, we'd all be bitching about it nonstop. Now if I go down West St., I get a lump in my throat. Downtown is going to be back better than ever.

I'm glad to hear you like New Yorkers because they're in your face. You're not going to be disappointed.

I lived in L.A. for a few years in the late 60's. It was the only time in my life I've lived outside New York. I thought I would go stir-crazy. If they had anti-depressants in those days, they would have had to open a factory just for me. It wasn't that people were nicey like Midwesterners. They were ****-ing insane! It was the 60's, so some of it must have been the times. It was Weirdness Central. And the heat all year round, and the smog, and the crappy water, and to do anything or get anywhere, you had to drive. Yecch! I spent three days just wandering around in Central Park when I got back. It took two weeks walking around Manhattan to get my bearings again, and I swore, no matter what it took, I would never leave again. And, believe me, it's taken a lot.

So, to say it again, Welcome to New York.

Palladian said...

"So, to say it again, Welcome to New York."

Yes, welcome! Now, put out those cigarettes, throw away that Twinkie and start doing your mandatory tabulations of caloric value ratios using the numbers printed on your menu! And if a nasally pinheaded billionaire scold comes up to your table, just tell him you're ordering the alfalfa sprouts and a plate of mashed yeast.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

The back of your hairdo is marvelous. I like all the stacked layers.

B. Arthur: Oppressive sunshine?

Ron said...

Simon -- gender breakfast choices are not my issue! ;) I'm curious about the sweet/savory distinction...which doesn't really apply to other meals!

XWL said...

Anticipatory questions for the next vlog:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Also, assuming you choose to listen to the free stream of Prince's forthcoming Planet Earth album, what'd you think of it?

As far as the Bea Arthur above, I'm amazed at how many ex-New Yorkers will expound endlessly on the superiority of NYC over LA, all the while spending 11 months out of the year on our coast, and never spending a day in August in NYC.

If the sunshine is oppressive here, then I don't want to be free (at least in that regard, everything else I'm pretty damn libertarian).

Adrian said...

i will take your conspicuous silence on the cookie issue to mean you concede that i am clearly in the right. of course, i take just about any sign to mean that i am clearly in the right, so where does that leave us?

btw, if this isn't too personal a question, can you please tell us what you did in those five years between college and law school? thank you!

Galvanized said...

Hope you enjoy your move, Althouse :) Think of all the new material to be found there. I just hope you don't miss the verdant paradise you've obviously had in Madison. I envision a lot of street photography - a crisper but drabber palette - you know, grates and steam, linear stuff like architecture and bridges, street scenes, signs, and fashion, of course.

Bea Arthur said...


I was trying to give the Professor a nice welcome to New York and say inspiring things about the city. I think it's in better shape overall than it has been in a long time. I know, "overall" covers a lot of sins, that, I'm sorry to say, are starting to add up again. Oh well. At least it isn't the '70's when the city was really a dump. I'll tell you about getting mugged some other time.

But you had to go and remind us of Mayor Bloomberg. The less I have to think about that whiney twerp, the better. I started out not knowing what to make of him, but he's grown on me, a little like impetigo. People say they can't stand to listen to that idiot Bush, but have you ever spent five minutes listening to Mayor Bloomberg? (That is, much as I don't want to be obvious, a "rhetorical question.") Bloomberg is not stupid, but, I swear, if he hasn't dreamt up five idiotic ideas before breakfast, he thinks he's not doing his job. And four of his ideas will cost us money.

This calorie count in restaurants is typical. I mean, if you go out for a special occasion, you eat one meal, you're not getting fat. If you're a regular at some favorite little place down the street, and you're getting fat, that tells you two things: 1.) You need to walk more. 2.) The restaurant maybe serves fattening food, and you should eat less. Does the City need a Department to tell you that? Bloomberg should stop treating us like his employees who he has to keep healthy and alert so they can make him more money. New Yorkers to Bloomberg: We Don't Work for You. I know I'd give notice tomorrow if I could.

I also love the people who think that we need more City inspectors with their hands out. Restaurant owner to partner (sotto voce, urgently): "Myron, give him the cash! It's cheaper than getting closed down!" If the City wants to regulate food more, they should make sure crap from China isn't glowing in the dark.

Ruth Anne,

It isn't sunshine that bothers me. I love nice, sunny days. But I grew up with something that they don't have out on "the Coast:" Seasons. I knew I was in trouble out there when it was 78 on Thanksgiving. It can be 78 ANY day of the year. Now, don't get me wrong. August in New York is not pretty. I grew up in in a fifth-floor brick building walkup with no air conditioning. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

And then there's February.

No, it's heaven for climate and hell for company. The trouble is, the L.A. climate also gave me asthma because of the smog. And the company was still poor.

Have you seen those pictures from Saturn? The air in L.A. looks like you're on Titan, but without the charm. Titan also seems to have something else L.A. needs: Lakes full of gasoline. XWL, you should know I'm a New Yorker who doesn't spend 11 months of the year in L.A. complaining about L.A. I complain about it from Manhattan.

Mr.Murder said...

At times your image is duplicated, the eyes of a gorgon emerge from the center of your face, they are doorways to your soul's gimp you keep locked in the basement.

You lips hiss and snare pleasantries across pleasant cheeks. Peasant cheeks? Blonde stock, eyes mock, the stuff of stern bosoms steers a chatty course.

Mudslides from tumblers, or coffee? Both.

Ann is moving to New York? Yonkers! I'd better warn Water Tiger...

You radiate a sunny noblesse atmosphere Ann, forgive me if my warmth seems quaint, it doesn't diminish the depth to which many of your positions lower selves.

Coffee does work best for a hangover, one would suppose. Icewater does well for that also...

Ann Althouse said...

Adrian: I answered the cookie question, but went over 10 minutes and had to cut. You are right: My point about cake is only relevant if you have access to the bag of cookies. But I do think if you've got the whole cake there, you know damned well you're going wrong if you take a second piece. This can lead to cutting too large of a piece for that one, though.

Bea: I have at least two NYC trips in the archives of the blog, so you can see the sort of pictures I take in Manhattan. Brooklyn, who knows? They have a nice botanical garden there. But my favorite subject for photographs is weird, found urban things. I'm only doing a lot of flowers this summer because it's what I have at hand.