July 23, 2007

To lose weight, alphabetize your CDs today, your spices tomorrow.

Another theory. I'm linking because I'm attracted to new ideas, but I'm easily bored, so that's all I've got to say. That and: What's for lunch?


Original Mike said...

I alphabetize my spices but not my CDs. Must expain why I'm not overweight, but always have to struggle to keep it off. It's all clear to me now.

hdhouse said...

crabcakes and fresh green salad

Palladian said...

"A 'D' [conceptual, risk taking] could dream up something she wants to achieve in a year's time..."

"She would also be more able to coolly observe herself and catalog obstacles and failings without succumbing to an emotion like self-hatred."

Why are all the pronouns "she" in that article? Some of us men are on diets.

Oh, Oprah. I see.

Ann Althouse said...

Oprah should be the last person to consult about weight loss. She's rich enough to hire expert chefs to prepare every morsel she puts in her mouth and personal trainers to put her through the most pleasurable and effective exercises. And she's still fat!

Anthony said...

I'm totally left-brained, but gave up alphabetizing anything. Too many CDs in too many places to bother. I do try to keep similar things together though. Ferinstance, I have all my classical stuff in one area, Darin/Sinatra/Martin in another, etc.

Richie D said...

Lunch? How's about 10 White Castle cheesburgers, a large fries, and the traditional diet Coke?

PunditMom said...

You mean it's been that easy all along and I didn't know it! :O

dbp said...

Just put all of your CDs into iTunes and let it alphabetize them!

Really, I'm not sure even where our CDs are now--someplace in the basement I would bet.

Our spices are kept by category: Ones for baking with all the baking stuff, the cooking spices generally by use: Indian, Italian, general use etc.

Fatness kept off by right-wing sports activity.


Jeremy said...

So, are you going to try it?

Also, I was forced to click on the "fat" tag on this post just to see what the hell else you would have tagged "fat." I was not disappointed.

Doug said...

I got chunky and was sick of it. So I started running and eating better and the weight came off (35 pounds).

I wonder if some of Oprah's weight would drop off if she didn't pay so many people to do things for her. I am not suggesting she should cut her own grass, but I bet she has personal assistants that do everything. There was that one clip with her and her girlfriend where she didn't even now how to pump her own gasoline.

Ann Althouse said...

Jeremy: "So, are you going to try it?"

Do dumb little organizing things to try to redo my mind into more of an obsessive-compulsive format so that I'd be the kind of person who would count calories? It would be soooo much easier to just count calories. But neither is my style. I reveal my exciting, creative diet tip here.

"Also, I was forced to click on the "fat" tag on this post just to see what the hell else you would have tagged "fat." I was not disappointed."

I'm glad to hear that the tagging effort paid off.

Peter Palladas said...

What's all this with 'Hermann Brain Dominance'? I thought we won the War!

I love these 'A' types who simply must invent simple categories for complex organisms. Well done Herr guys, now get your towels off my beach.

And no, I'm not taking up knitting for anyone.

Galvanized said...

Great. So what they have deduced is that the people best able to lose weight and keep it off are most probably the very same group of people who would not become overweight in the first place. Regimented, disciplined planners...blah blah blahhhh :)