July 17, 2007

Quick! Ask me some questions!


I'm in the mood to do a morning vlog.


Ron said...

Favorite breakfast? Different coffee drink for breakfast than during the rest of the day?

Ron said...

Best thing about New York you're looking forward to reconnecting with?

MadisonMan said...

Are the other Athouse sons excited to have a home base from which to explore NYC in the coming year? Have you already in your mind made the move to NYC or are there still many things to do here?

Is the recent news that Al Qaida has been getting stronger proof in your mind that George Bush's policies in the middle east are a failure?

When's it gonna rain around here?

AJ Lynch said...

Is this a one-year move?

Should we expect Madison to climb up in the best city rankings while you are away?:)And Brooklyn to lose ground while you are there?

Are you excited to return to the scene of your college hijinks and protest years?

Do you expect to post more or less to your blog- I have detected a change in your posting pace and quantity lately?

Doug said...

Since you are a lawyer, and are used to being persuasive when needed, what do you do when pulled over by the police for speeding? Do you try to talk your way out of it, or do you throw yourself on the mercy of the officer?

I got pulled over for speeding and tried the later. I got the ticket.

What is better, South Park or the Simpsons?

Adrian said...

I continue to take issue with your illogical cookie remarks. You're comparing eating out (a slice of cake at a restaurant) with eating in (a bag of cookies at home). But, if you order cookies at a restaurant, you get a plate with three or four of them, and you know that's the appropriate amount, and you don't have more. On the other hand, if you bake yourself a cake at home, and you have that delicious cake and that incredible icing just sitting there, cooling off on the windowsill, are you honestly telling me you're just gonna have one slice? I know I'll come damn well close to eating the whole cake unless somebody stops me. And, a small bag of cookies is nothing compared to a whole, delicious, devil's food cake with vanilla frosting and maybe some ice cream, too!

Justin said...

I'll re-ask my question from last time, since I was too late:

How do you feel about english words that have the exact same definition? For a simplistic example, mad and angry. Personally, I would like to believe that every word is at least subtly different from every other word. But there does seem to be some redundancy. Any thoughts?

Eric Muller said...

How have your faculty colleagues responded to your blogging fame?

AJD said...

Eric: Come now. Annie is not a reliable narrator on that one! All she knows is what they actually say to her face. The real action is what they do not say to her.

Take a wild guess.

Hint: it's a candy bar.

Yep. Snickers!!!

Paddy O. said...

Are doughnuts more like cake or more like cookies in your equation?

Ron said...

Hey, maybe it's not a Snickers but a Good and Plenty!

al said...

Who is a better source for news from Iraq? Your beloved NY Times or Michael Yon?

Bea Arthur said...

Well, I would like to ask again what I asked the other day.

I was wondering if Professor Althouse planned any public lectures, panel discussions, etc. during her time in New York. I'm really curious to see her in person, because she is a genuine natural on the little (I promise I won't say crappy any more) videos she does on the computer. Believe me, I know. I used to work in television. Anyway, ("anyways," as we said in Brooklyn) she replied to some questions, but the silence was deafening about this one.

I just want to say I'm not a stalker. I won't pester you. I won't even come up and introduce myself. I've worked in theater and television, so I know about pestering. The thing I'm wondering about is if you are as good a lecturer as you are on TV. Live performance, movies, and television all take different skills, so it would be interesting to see you in a different context.

That's all I have for now. But I just want to say, Welcome to New York

Simon said...

Are you going to take another shot at going red again, or did the problems of the last experiment put that idea to bed?

Is there a particular case or line of doctrine you think is outstandingly wrong and how would you change it if you were queen for the day?

(I'm going to guess: Butler or Hibbs.)

Should the court grant cert in the Parker 2d amendment case (I've one eye on comments you made about the litigants in Printz using a structural argument rather than a rights argument to avoid risking a damaging loss)?

TomK said...

A fashion question for you. What did you think of family values senator David Vitter's wife leopard skin dress she was wearing at the press conference while he was admitting sin and doing hookers? Looked more Studio 54 from 1978 than family values to me.

Also, what is your opinion of the media reporting that David Vitter likes to wear diapers? Any idea where you buy diapers to fit a 200 pound man? Are they specially made by a adult diaper business and if so what is your opinion of adult men wearing diapers? Specifically, adult men wearing diapers that rail against others regarding morality and sanctity of marriage and adultery? Not regular run of the mill men diaper wearers-that's their own business. I'm talking the religious right kind of men wearing diapers in private and in public go off on gays, adulterers, abstinence only and have a direct telephone line to God.

Do you think David Vitter should be shunned or welcome back with open arms by his christian supporters? Does it matter if he has paid for hookers just as long he believes in sanctity of marriage and abstinence only (for others)? Does it matter that he did it multiple times with many hookers?

What about David Vitter saying Clinton should step down because he was immoral and had an affair? Or Wendy Vitter saying she would cut off his penis and leave him if he ever did what Bill Clinton did but now is standing by her man just like Hilary Clinton. She went off on Hilary for staying with Bill but now is doing the same thing. Let's hear your thoughts.

Also, you have written quite a bit about John Edwards 400.00 haircut.
Any opinion regarding Mitt's Makeup bill that is currently posted on Politico? 1500.00 for makeup-too much, just enough or not enough? What makeup would you recommend for Mitt?

hdhouse said...

how's the love life ann? per my earlier posts on that issue.

can i spot it or what.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Do you prefer the Marx Brothers or Monty Python for sheer comedic delight?

Which bit always gets a laugh from the Althouse?

froggyprager said...

You may have said this on your blog and I missed it but why did you decide not to move to a condo? I found your involving people in decision making interesting. Are you still thinking of moving?

Ann Althouse said...

Vlog completed. Save questions for next time.

MadisonMan said...

Vlog completed. Save questions for next time.

My problem is I never watch the vlog -- however will I learn if my questions have been answered? Maybe you should post transcripts!

Maxine Weiss said...

For the upteenth time: David Vitter wears diapers because he's got a Marquis de Sade complex, as I've been saying for months.

Also, Ann's son shares a birthday with Marquis de Sade.


Eli Blake said...

Ah, well...

I've been working all day, missed out on all the fun.