July 11, 2007

The new transparency.

Above the Law offers to pass along stories of "the clerkship from hell." Oh, how I love the free-flow of information on the internet!

Above the Law is responding to this from Mike Rappaport. There's also this from Ilya Somin.


Internet Ronin said...

Thanks for the tip, Ann! Chambermaid sounds like a fun book. Think I'll order a copy.

Sloanasaurus said...

Baa haa...I'll bet the clerks felt like hell when they got to put clerked for the U.S. Court of Appeals on their resume.

Roger said...

OK you fearless counsellors out there: how important is a clerkship on one's resume? In terms of career pattern, do you want to land a clerkship right after law school? what kind of legal career results from the right kind of clerkship? Public work? private? Thanks in advance.