July 20, 2007

A little Friday afternoon vlog.

Just answering your questions... from the previous post. Trying to do it without edits, but the phone rang....

ADDED: Here's the song I mention.

MORE: Ruth Anne found the Marx Brothers clips.


Simon said...

Interesting answer re the First Amendment, not what I expected. Could you speak briefly - I guess if not right now then perhaps on a slow news day to come - about how you'd characterize the approach you'd like them to take? Not necessarily in minute detail, but what's the "looking down from 40,000' big picture Althouse view" of what it means and/or how it ought to be applied? What would be the theme or paradigm?

Eric said...

The video glitch after the phone rang (around 6:14) was very cool.

Ann's head tilts back and a mouth appears on her throat and begins to speak.

Like something from a William S. Borroughs novel or a David Cronenberg film. (Or both, I guess...now that I think about it.)

Ann Althouse said...

Simon: I'm probably never going to do an extended law lecture in vlog form. It wouldn't fit the style of the blog -- too pompous.

Eric: I know. It was a very bizarre, unintentional dissolve.

Peter Palladas said...

I never asked whether you were interested in the fate of our young wizard, merely whether you knew, judicially, what it should happen to be.

So how come I'm the only interlocutor whose name is not mentioned in person or persona?

If I wasn't awfully squiffy on a half-decent Merlot I'd say more, but I am so I shan't.

I do worry about you moving to NYC. OK it's nearer to London than Madison, but wherever Wisconsin is it must be better than either.

Call me, marry me, sober me up, only don't forget Bob Dylan left NYC for New England. Smart career move on his part.

Where was I, I forget. It's a T. S. Eliot 'Prufrock' thing. Actually no, it's a 'Four Quartet' thing.

Here's a thought for global WASP happiness and harmony: anyone who hasn't read the 4Q by the age of maturity - whatever that might be - should be expelled from Eden.

Peter Palladas said...

........late night drunken posts are marker buoys on the sea of amnesia.

MadisonMan said...

You should've used sunblock.