July 2, 2007

Linda Greenhouse on "Fresh Air."

Listen on line.


George said...

I love the line "Support for Fresh Air comes from MasterCard."

What's that a picture of? Two people nuddling in a pup tent in the Canadian Rockies in February? With the headlights of their SUV behind them?

I stopped listening to NPR six months ago. And that's after 30 years of daily heavy doses. Amazingly, there've been no withdrawal problems. No heaves, no trembling.

Actually, I've still got some of that sour cream cranberry stuff crusted in my ears. Otherwise, I'm okay.

Jeff said...

Teri Gross and Linda Greenhouse: a perfect storm of bien pensant commentary.

Bissage said...


"Fresh Air?"

Say no more.

Paddy O. said...

Listened to this on the drive home. Thought it very interesting really. I have no law background at all, and tend towards being conservative, but it sure sounded like a fair overview.

I'd be curious to hear more about the coverage here from folks who know the subject.

hdhouse said...

The first three comments pretty much sum up a segment of the population that doesn't believe anything it hears from NPR - its automatic commie pinko swill.

Now the real test will be if the "lawyers" who inhabit this blog will divorce themselves of their automatic prejudices and see if Ms. Greenhouse gives a fair, if not technical, overview.

jeff_d said...


So the "real test" is whether the lawyers who inhabit this blog are enlightened enough to be consumers of Greenhouse commentary?

It could be that the lawyers who inhabit this blog would prefer to read the cases. It could be that they don't care whether Ms. Greenhouse gives a fair overview.

Some lawyers, and maybe even some who inhabit this blog, manage to muddle through law school and even make a living without having Linda Greenhouse chew their food for them. So no matter how indispensable you may consider Ms. Greenhouse's analysis, you should entertain the possibility that - for reasons independent of their philistine lack of appreciation for NPR, some people just might not care as much about Greenhouse's opinion as you do.

hdhouse said...

lighten up Jeff.

I take exception, for instance, when non-professionals talk about advertising and marketing because, often, they are technically way off point. HOWEVER, i listen to what they have to say, like it or not, because they are exhibiting a particular take on something that while flawed in the thought process, is a clear representation of how they interpret something.

Greenhouse might arrive at a conclusion by means that are technically in correct but the conclusion might have merit - or not....and sometimes, as much as you attorneys like to think you are performing brain surgery, these distillations can be helpful to us poor unfortunates without a law degree...particularly in areas as obtuse as supreme court decisions.

geeeze....lighten up.