July 7, 2007

Leaves don't want to be green.

Leaves don't want to be green

Stop being so narrow minded.

Nonconformist leaf

Longing to escape from this conventional environment, he... leaves.


Internet Ronin said...

When all outdoor smoking in Madison is banned, will all smoke bushes be uprooted?

michilines said...

Your poetry leaves much to be desired.

Amend again. Metallica always delivers.

Pretty pictures. Pretty pretty.

Internet Ronin said...

Meant to add an appreciation for that non-conformist leaf, as well. Almost lyrical.

michilines said...

ronin, to save you the trouble -- while Lenny is on -- nope.

easy enough for you?

That commentor, who has the same trouble with adjective clauses, what's his name -- revenant or some such, as Ann will be here soon to swoon over the prettiness of the pictures.

Well done Ann.

michilines said...

The Police

Who can deny that Stewart, Andy and Sting can bring it?

The only one I can think of is Ann herself.

Internet Ronin said...

Michillines, my references are to cotinus coggyria and liriodendrum tulipifera, so it is not surprising that you haven't got a clue about what I wrote.

There is already thread here dicussing music appreciation, but I think you know that. With that in mind, I suggest you use a toilet for your excretions. Much more sanitary and all that. Human waste is highly overrated as a fertilizer.

michilines said...

ronin, relax, you weren't the one who accused me of being asleep during grammar class in 3rd grade.

Chill, k?

What is your interest in excrement?

Are you a Gravity's Rainbow fan?

peter hoh said...
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peter hoh said...

IR: not sure how you made reference to the tulip poplar in your comments, but I recognized it the moment I saw the photo. It grew widely where I grew up, but I don't think that I've seen one in Minnesota. Looks like Madison is just out of its native range, according to a map I just looked at.

I think I was 10 or so, attending an outdoor concert put on by an American Legion band in Wenonah, NJ. The Bonsal Blues performed. (Damn, the internet is awfully handy.) Anyway, we found a bunch of tulip poplar seedings growing in the gutter, and we brought on e home. That tree grew pretty darned fast. It got taller than me in a hurry. Was a giant the last I saw it.

Thanks for the memories, Ann.

As for that smokebush, that's on my short list of shrubs to get. The Renegade Gardener, from whom I take much advice, recommends that garden plants be chosen on the basis of their foliage rather than their bloom. He really likes this shrub. If you want to read what he has to say about it, check out his "Plant Spotlight."

Internet Ronin said...

Lyrical, Peter, as in Lirio.. ;-). Anyway, had one in a yard once. Beautiful tree but an aphid magnet. They do grow fast - almost planted a few here but thought better of it and planted redwoods and maples instead.

Have 3 cotinus in this yard - first time I've had one. Fast growers, too. Complement the redwoods on that bank quite nicely as well. I'll take a look at the Renegade Gardener - thanks for the tip.

Ann Althouse said...

michilines is an old troll from way back. you don't have to talk to him.

Internet Ronin said...

I realized it after I posted the comment. Before I could delete it, Peter replied to the civil part, so Ill leave it there.

peter hoh said...

IR: I'm unable to link directly to things within the Renegade Gardener's site, but let me suggest that you start with "The Astonishing Truth About Tree Circles," which is the first article listed in his "Design" section.

"Myth of the Week" and "Don't Do That" are also pretty fun.

Internet Ronin said...

Just finished reading much of both those sections and the tree circle story, Peter! (And bookmarked him.) I like his style. Only thing I didn't find that I expected to find after reading some of his essays was a discussion of the merits of N-P-K fertilizer. Actually, about the demerits of worrying about P-K too much save AT PLANTING. IIRC, P-K, unlike N, quickly bind to the soil and travel slowly, if at all, so the only important # to know when fertilizing an established garden is "How much N?" Maybe things are different in Minnesota.

peter hoh said...

I'm not much on soil chemistry myself. I've never even bothered to get my soil tested. Stuff just grows.

The weird thing for me, coming from the mostly clay and sandy soils of South Jersey, was seeing black soil here in Minnesota. From the van (from the airport to the college) I saw a newly plowed field, and I couldn't make sense of it. I knew that there was no way that a farmer could have spread that much manure over his field in such a continuous layer, and yet that's what it looked like.

Chip Ahoy said...

Beautiful tree but an aphid magnet.

Aphids. You can buy 1,500 ladybugs for $6.00, 18,00 ladybugs for $30.00

Paco Wové said...

Wow. Thanks to Althouse's photo and I. Ronin's comment, I now know the mystery shrub in the front yard is a smoke tree (something the 'help' at the local nursery store could never figure out, btw.) Thanks!

Internet Ronin said...

You can buy 1,500 ladybugs for $6.00, 18,00 ladybugs for $30.00

Only to watch 17,996 fly off to your neighbors yard. ;-)