July 9, 2007

Good morning, starshine. The earth says "Hello!"


You twinkle in the banner...


After tinkling below...


... in the comments.

UPDATE: This was a temporary joke, but so you can keep getting it, in case you come back to this moldy old post, let me cut and paste this:
"Okay, if I'm being used to sell tickets to this intellectual trainwreck of a blog, I'm outta here for good." — Steve Simels
I had that in the banner at that top of the blog from the date of this post until July 24th. But Simels can't have his name up there forever. He's just not that important. And I have other fish to fry. Whatever the hell that means.


Roger said...

They are also trumpeting the good news--as is only appropriate.

George said...

Good zeppelin harvest this year....

Bissage said...

Beyond the river – over the sea
Some worthless last farewell that ever will be
It’s calling to you, calling to you, calling to you
It’s calling to you, calling to you, calling to you

Mr. Simels, that’s the Althouse vortex calling to you.

But you already knew that.

That’s because you’re a POP MUSIC CRITIC.

You should come back and sell some tickets.


The “Fate of Nations” hangs in the balance.

Come on, do it for the PLANT[S].

Ruth Anne Adams said...



Ann Althouse said...

The anagram I see is: slimes.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Yours is better. I misseled.

Ann Althouse said...

It's not just that he seems vilest. He's the evilest mess. He smites elves!

Meade said...

Evils sets em.

Maxine Weiss said...

Althouse has a fear of death. That's why she keeps illustrating plant-life. Plants are alive and always changing, evolving. Althouse's hope is that if she photographs plants enough, she'll become like them and the same sort of harvesting and blooming that she's sorely lacking in her own life.

Fondly, Maxine

Ann Althouse said...

If by "death," you mean the "evilest mess."