July 14, 2007

The connection between Louis CK's stupid dog and the one time in my life that I broke a bone.

You know Louis CK, the comedian? This is just a little film clip of his dog, doing something that he found amusing enough to post on YouTube:

Wow! I saw a dog doing that one time. It was 1970. I thought it was hilarious. I was so entertained I kept watching it, not looking where I was going, and I walked into a bicycle and broke my toe.


Theo Boehm said...

You saw a dog do that only once?  When I grew up in Southern California in the days of dichondra and cheap water, the main thing that smote the ears of tract-house dwellers in the early evening was the swat..swat..swat.. of impact sprinklers.  The spray was often as strong as in the video, and any loose dogs in Leave-it-to-Beaver-Land just couldn't resist them.  The sprinklers would often get stuck and produce a spray just like the video.

Wow! I don't have enough bones in my body for every time I've seen this particular doggy stunt.  But now it's so rare it's on YouTube. My kids are laughing and oohing and aahing.

"Dad, you mean people used to water their lawns with that much water?"
"Well, it's dry in Southern California, and we wanted thick, green lawns, and..."
"Dad, that's stupid!  That wastes water!  We don't have to water our lawn like that."
"Dad, you mean somebody would let a dog off a leash in your yard?"
"Well, there were just neighborhood kids with dogs."
"But you have to have dogs on leashes all the time.  We can't let Harry off the leash ever...."

Ah, this brings back memories that my Boston kids will never have.

Eli Blake said...

I have a paper route that I do in the morning before work (well, I teach AND I want my own kids to go to college, so I moonlight.)

Anyway, there used to be a dog that liked to hop over the fence in and out onto the street so he could chase the car. One time he was eating his food and instinctively grabbed his food bowl when the car came by (I guess so the other dogs wouldn't eat his food) and jumped the fence with it. Then he suddenly realized that he couldn't chase the car with it in his mouth, and looked pretty dumfounded at that revelation. So he just blinked at me.

I laughed at him so hard I almost ran into a utility pole (which would have been the most unfunny thing in the world if it happened.)

And spoiled my own record of no broken bones.

Ann Althouse said...

I don't know if I've seen it more times, but there was only one time when I saw it and walked into a bicycle and broke my toe. That sticks in my memory. Around here, you don't see off leash dogs. Actually, this reminds me that one reason it look so funny was that the dog suddenly ran out from in back of the house and started right into biting at the water spurt.

Paul said...

Who could forget the dog in the
opening of Blue Velvet

Theo Boehm said...

Duhh...Damn you Paul!
Why did I forget that?

Meade said...

Louis CK is a comedian? He is? Who finds him funny? Besides Louis CK, I mean.

Susan said...

My dog does that. And chases the water from the hose around the yard if you're hand-watering. Only if the hose is on jet spray, though, otherwise she's not interested. We play a game where she tries to catch the water jet while I try to spray her in the rear. She loves it and I guess I do too.

jp said...

It looks like the dog stop his activity after a few tries.
Is there a lesson for us here?

sonicfrog said...

When I was a kid, I had a one eyed Boston Terrier that did that. Butch would go bonkers over spraying hoses and sprinklers. One time we heard him scratching at the back door wanting to come in. When we opened the door, he had the running sprinkler head in his mouth and stated to drag it in. We were saved because the garden hose had reached its maximum length. He would also attack any rolling bicycle or go-cart tire within his reach, which wasn't so smart since he would try to bite the tires from the front as they were rolling toward him.

PS. In case you're wondering about the missing eye, when he was about two, he cornered a cat in our back yard, and the cat made him pay by scratching out one eye.

Rob said...

Who finds Louis C.K. funny? Seriously? How about PEOPLE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR? Louis C.K. is one of the funniest and most unfettered comedians in the biz. Comedians find him funny. Intelligent people find him funny. If you don't fall into any of these categories, I understand.