June 28, 2007


A form of fortune-telling, dating back to 18th century Spain. What a great field for the huckster. The linked report is translated -- imperfectly -- from the Russian. (Check out the title. I think they meant "feelers" not "whiskers.")


ricpic said...

Aubergine gals are the best
With their luscious melanzanies;
So keep an eye peeled all you guys
For those hanging eggplant titties.

amba said...

Whiskers!? Have some madeira, m'dear! (If you don't know the song, skip to the last stanza.)

And what's that illustration supposed to be? It looks like a close-up of a dog's teeth.

peter hoh said...

Should Newsweek tell the Democrats about this?

George said...

Is there a "stisnomancy," predicting the future by studying the form of the male breast?

I'd be so jealous if there's not.

Peter Palladas said...

Labels: breasts, strange beliefs

You press every button! This is a must read of must reads.

Robert Altman film - 'Wedding'? - libidinous male character at party brushes his hand over every female breast he talks to.

If challenged merely murmurs 'Ash'.

Neat trick if you can carry it off. Harder now so few people smoke.