June 16, 2007

Speaking of life-affirming ants...

Let's reprise recent ant photos.

Peony with ant

And with this next one, remember to think from the ants' perspective:

Bird head with ants

When you're served a big, juicy steak, you don't bemoan the steer, now, do you?

But if my ants don't feel life-affirming to you, these will.


jane said...

The ant perspective? That top one probably thinks he's on an evil rewolf :)

Those others are living the concrete reality that, in the aggregate, life feeds on death.

Judy Carne said...

"Socket to me," thought the dead bird bemoaning the irony of life-affirming ants.

jane said...

“Eyes are the portal to our soul food,” the wise old ant said to no one in particular.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Just what makes that little old ant
think he can move a pe-o-ny plant? Everyone knows an ant


move a pe-o-ny plant.

But he has HIGH HOPES.
He has high birdie's eye in the sky hopes.
So every time you're gettin' low,
'stead of lettin' go,
just remember that ant...


There goes another pe-o-ny plant.

Law & Order girl said...

Finally not focusing
eaten out eyes
see more of life than before.

I still don’t know what to call
my father’s sister- Huuman Louise?

jane said...

He made a move to bite her lip.

knoxwhirled said...

ugh, whenever I see ants on a dead animal or roadkill I think of that ear in "Blue Velvet."