June 29, 2007

Purple or banana-like.

Two orchids. Which one do you prefer?

Orchid that reminds me of a banana

Purple orchid

That says so much about you.

Me, I have a strong preference. I suppose it's easy to tell.


Meade said...


Too many jims said...

My guess: you like bananas. Blame it on Freud. (Perhaps that, in itself, says much about me.)

Tibore said...

Forgive the anthropomorphic comment here, but: Don't those two plants look like they're laughing and sticking their tongues out at you?

My fear is that they'll grow up to be this.


Bissage said...

Hey Tibore, here’s how to make a flower-puppet. Pinch your snapdragon blossom like this and it looks like a dragon opening its jaws. Talk in a funny voice. Kids love it.

reneviht said...

I like the purple one. It's stronger, and the shape looks like the head of a snake that's striking while sticking its tongue out.

That's more of a herpetomorphic comment than an antropomorphic one, I guess.

Peter Hoh said...

The banana orchid makes for a better photograph.

Ann Althouse said...

I like the banana one better because it's original and has a comic edge. The purple one is conventional and takes itself too seriously.

Jennifer said...

I think the banana one looks more like a giraffe. Like the kind of giraffe mask you'd see in a farce play of the Lion King. I like it.