June 8, 2007

On the radio.

On momentarily, as indicated here.

UPDATE: You can stream the show at the archive here. (The 8 a.m. show.) It starts off a little slow -- about the G8 conference -- and gets really heated up midway about Iraq. I say some kind of mean things about Tommy Thompson. And we end by talking about "The Price Is Right."


Tearfree aka Reject the Koolaid said...

Any legal dethoughts on the Canadian journalist who claims her idea about an unplanned pregnancy was stolen in the movie, Knocked Up?>

Tim said...

I have listened to you several times on WPR and I thank you for your "tell it like it is" answers without any political spin. It is refreshing. You made the other guest on the June 8th show sound like a middle school smarty pants.

I agree with your assessment of Tommy Thompson. It reminded me of Al Gore when he tried to run for president. He moved from behind the political podium and stuck both his hands in his pockets. All the experience but he still couldn't give a speech. He has spent the last seven years honing his skills. Watch out for Al.

MadisonMan said...

I associate Bob Barker with Truth (buzzz) or Consequences. Even though I watched PisR a lot back when Janice was a model on it.

Ann Althouse said...

MM: Yeah, me too. "Price Is Right" is for Bill Cullen!

Tim said...

Well, you were good.

The others, including the callers, were tiresome.

But so too is most talk radio. And why on earth does most everyone on public radio all sound the same? It's odd - but noticable.