June 9, 2007

Nina's in Norway.

With pics.


Terri said...

Thanks to one of your earlier links, I visit Nina daily. Her pictures are awesome - I am so envious. Her commentary is even better. Love her blog!

Richard Fagin said...

Want to see how careless journalists are who write about such things with what appears to be the purpose of stirring up resentment?

"Most of the justices are relatively well off financially. At least six of the nine justices report INVESTMENT INCOME of more than $1 million" [my caps]

and a few paragraphs later:

The wealthiest justice may be David Souter. A wise investment years ago in a Vermont-based bank has paid off handsomely. His assets in Chittenden Corp. (Charts) are valued in a range from $5 million to $25 million.

OK, even at a generous 10 percent income return, the six cited Justices would each need at least $10 million in income-earning assets to have more than a million a year in investment income. That seems to leave ONLY Justice Souter with the possibility of earning more than a million in investment income, as opposed to merely owning more than a million in assets.

These are the same journalist boobs that hold the megaphone for the "soak the rich" crowd. If you don't understand the difference between assets and investment income, kindly sit down and shut up.

It really galls me to think of someone working for 25 years to build a business, and to sell it for one big lum sum and suddenly bhe called "rich."

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, carelessness is terrible!

Jennifer said...

Ok, that's just too funny.

Back to Nina, her pictures and her travels are so wonderfully inspiring!!

George said...

Vigeland Park


192 larger-than-life granite sculptures depicting the human condition in Oslo's central park. Munch on that.

Sheepman said...

I've done that hike about 5 times (I work as a tour guide) and it is great. The Ullensvang Hotel is my favorite in Norway.

BTW, no need to buy water in Norway, the tap water is safe and tastes just as good,

FTR, I've posted in the past here as Hamsun56 and for technical reasons beyond my grasp I'm forced to use "Sheepman", a moniker that I contemplated using after reading some books by Murakami.

hdhouse said...

Thank you for the wonderful photographs. I went to see the rock drawings in Alta some years back. Certainly one of my happiest adventures.

I went because there is a very good show on PBS from Norway called Scandanavian Cooking and had a client who wanted to sponsor or was thinking of it so off we went. Its a part of the world we know little about and populated by good hearted people we are remiss in getting to know.