June 10, 2007

It's the new Bloggingheads!

The immigration irritant: Is it language, culture, race? (17:04)

Let's make the debates a reality show (07:24)

Huckabee's wisdom lauded (11:24)

Dalai Lama's wisdom disputed (06:16)

The hotness of Fred Thompson's wife (11:48)

On sexiness (17:46)

Ann and Annie pick their favorite Beatles song (10:58)

ADDED [BUT: This refers to a problem that was fixed.]: Unfortunately, the two tracks are matched up with me slightly ahead of Annie, which gives the impression that I'm constantly interrupting -- and that Annie pauses before speaking! This is not the way the conversation played in real time. [AGAIN: This problem is fixed.]


Alan said...

The video dies on me right when you finally get into the Beatles topic. So what is your favorite?

BTW, it died right after the bowl of dead beetles comment. Nice, just when I was about to put a spoonful of lentil soup in my mouth.

Ann Althouse said...

"Happiness Is a Warm Gun."

ricpic said...

The immigration irritant: is it language, culture, race?

Birds of a feather flock together -- and don't flock with other birds. And for all those who quickly fire back, "We're not birds;" oh yes we are, we're part of the natural kingdom, the natural order of things, and all the social engineering and agit-prop in the world isn't going to make us do the unnatural: celebrate - heh heh - diversity.

So. The correct answer is: all three.