June 2, 2007

Is there anything you'd like to say sub rosa?


Go ahead.


Tim said...

Faded Pinkyness.

Peter Palladas said...

My guilty secrets are my own.

Maxine Weiss said...

Gilding the lilly.

George said...

There could be a stigma attached to it.

Bissage said...

Oh, that Maxine!

Always such a pistil!

jane said...

Ann’s lovely flowers show a lot of cultivation on her part--

Maxine Weiss said...

You'll miss me when I'm gone and you don't have me to kick around any more.

What will you do then?

Theo Boehm said...

Flos sine spines?

Maxine Weiss said...


Bissage said...



Maxine, I adore you beyond all reasonable proportion.

As I type this, in the background, the Charlie Byrd trio is playing "Coisa Mais Linda" and that's exactly how I feel about you.

"A Most Beautiful Thing."

Love, Bissage.

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tc said...

You women are all crazy

Theo Boehm said...

Flos sine spam?