June 24, 2007

Is it wrong to tattoo your dog?

On the positive side: The dog was under anesthesia. On the negative side: It was a tattoo of a cat, and not just any cat -- Hello Kitty.

(From the anti-Hello Kitty blog, Hello Kitty Hell, found via Metafilter.)

(And take the Hello Kitty test, which is cute and which told me people must think I'm self-centered and evil.)

UPDATE 2014: Hello Kitty is not a cat!


Paco Wové said...

I just tried it -- I'm quite the bastard, apparently.

Ann Althouse said...

Hey, I took it a second time and by giving the yellow cup to the guest, I ended up as an appropriately caring individual. I was trying to give the better cup to the guest all along, but I thought the red cup was the better cup. What the hell?

Randy said...

I gave the guest the red cup and ended up a "B." I thought serving coffee instead of tea might be the kiss of death but it wasn't.

al said...

I think a Kalishnikitty tatoo would be ok for a dog.

Dave said...

Tattooing a dog under anesthesia hardly seems a bad thing to do. I'll grant that (1) it's an odd thing to do, and (2) a tattoo of a cat seems incongruous on a dog. But on the other hand (1) a dog who has surgery or other medical treatment neither can sign an informed consent form nor is capable of orally granting informed consent, and (2) the dog would presumably not have been in any pain when getting the tattoo.

reader_iam said...

If you view your dog at least partly as an accessory, why not accessorize your accessory? At least she didn't bedazzle the poor thing.

Don't be dull! Be dazzling!

reader_iam said...

Wonder if they are also the sort to put political (& etc.) t-shirts on their babes and tots.

Kirk Parker said...


That's the real Hello, Kitty test, isn't it?

Bissage said...
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Unknown said...

A dog is just property. You can do whatever you want with it.

DaveW said...

They tattoo dogs routinely now (at least here) when they neuter them. My dog was tatoo'd when we got him from an adoption shelter. Its a rather large tatoo actually, with a big X in a circle and an arrow pointing at the place where the missing equipment is...well, missing.

Why do they do that? I have no idea. I mean, its pretty obvious the he's neutered. Seems completely gratuitous to me.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I suppose to have your pet tattooed or otherwise marked so it would be identifiable if lost or stolen is a good idea. To tattoo your pet for any other reason seems cruel and stupid. If people want to deform their bodies and mark themselves up..... go for it. It's their choice, unlike the animal who doesn't get to choose.

I also am self centered and evil person. Probably because I'm a Conservative Capricorn, I shouldn't be surprised.

jimbino said...

It may not be OK to tattoo your dog, but it's clearly OK to circumcise him--as long as he's not a she--regardless of whether or not he's jewish or moslem.

I think a more interesting question is this: Is it OK to send your dog to the corner convenience store for a bottle of wine? I know you can't nowadays send a 20-year old kid, but, hey, there's no law against selling booze to a dog of any age!

theMickey's said...

Anesthesia makes some lose their sense of taste.

blake said...


I don't think the dog chose the "Hello, Kitty" tattoo.


Obviously, the cup which featured the bear with the bow was the better cup.

Unknown said...

"About 70 percent
Your care is at the most appropriate level. When you are with other people, you usually can read others' mind and hold their hand and give them your support when timing is the most appropriate. Other than this, your care is quiet (sic) natural, it won't appear exaggerated or too obvious. To people around you, you are a very trustyworthy person."


Outed by that g*damned Sanrio "Hello Kitty."

And yes, of course it's wrong to tattoo your dog. What in hell is wrong with people?

Daryl said...


You have to remember, in Japanese culture, being flashy is not good, but imposing flashiness on someone else is much worse. You've got to keep the red cup.

Whereas, in America, giving the red cup is a nice thing to do.

The test accurately captured that I don't care about other people.

I don't even bother to try to remember their names. Well, I try sometimes, but it never works. It takes me about a month.

I rarely forget details about a video game, though. And I can recall all sorts of useless trivia. TRIVIA NIGHT! WOOT!

It's easier for me to sit down and write a brief than a brief thank you note.

I think there are a lot of lawyers/law students like me. I try to work with them, instead of the emotionally capable people. Those people annoy the hell out of me. I don't want to have to give a damn about your emotions--especially at work! The single most obnoxious thing you could possibly do is whine that you're not competent enough, and that makes you feel bad. What a bother.

I'm just looking for a nice girl with Asperger's Syndrome, the same way some guys look for a girl with nymphomania, coprophagia, a masochist streak, an amputated limb, or yellow hair, or whatever other weird thing they find attractive.

theMickey's said...

And yes, of course it's wrong to tattoo your dog. What in hell is wrong with people?


Whats next folks, your hamster, parakeet???

Anonymous said...

My dog wants a Billy Bob tattoo, but I’ve told her it might be a mistake.