June 10, 2007

In a post-"Sopranos" mood.

Puffy fungi

What is it? It looks puffy and either delicious or deadly....




What did the ducks ever mean, anyway? Or what is it now.... what did the cat mean?


Sheila said...

I think the cat means that there are just things in life that are unexplainable and never solved.

And isn't "Fuck strippers, we coulda had a shrine!" a great line?

And "I'm miffled." I guess that's a combination of miffed and baffled.

Simon said...

It's either a fungus or a trip to IHOP.

Kyle said...

Well, if it's Sopranos, then it kind of looks like funnel cake from the jersey shore. You could eat some of that, play some skeeball and have an awesome day.

Although the Delaware beaches had much better funnel cakes and skeeball and put the "shore" to shame ;)

cardeblu said...

"Maybe" sulfur shelf fungus (aka chicken of the woods), but looks a little too puffy. Those are edible, but I would want positively, absolutely no doubt assurance first, and even with that, probably still wouldn't try.

Matt Brown said...

Mmmm! Pass the syrup!

Kirby Olson said...

The ducks meant the innocence inside Tony.

Deep inside his mobster exterior was a little boy who loved ducks.

And who felt bad when the girl with braces was killed by Ralphie.

And who wanted to change his life.

And find God.