June 8, 2007

I hope I'm a decent docent.

I've never been a docent before. I've gone on a lot of architectural tours, and I was going to go on this one anyway, but somehow, I ended up getting to be a docent... at a little place called Penwern AKA the Fred B. Jones Gatehouse. Frank Lloyd Wright 1901-03. Me, a docent. I'll still do the whole tour, and I'll only be there for a 2-your slot. But I feel really awed by it. Frank Lloyd Wright!
Architects may come and
Architects may go and
Never change your point of view.
When I run dry
I stop awhile and think of you


Ruth Anne Adams said...
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Tim said...

Wonderful. Frank Lloyd Wright was an amazing architect. I've been to Oak Park and Dana House in Springfield and, of course, the Guggenheim, but the one I really want to see is Falling Water.

Anyway, have fun - although I bet some on the tour will know quite a bit about him - there is quite the cult out there.

paul a'barge said...

Good for you, Althouse. But better yet for those for whom you get to be a docent.

ron st.amant said...

We toured the Pope-Leighy House in Mount Vernon a few months ago on our vacation back home to Virginia. I was a bit perplexed that they wouldn't allow photography inside the house. Since our toddler was in need of some racing around time, and my wife is the one who adores all things FLW, I stayed mostly outside and snapped lots of exterior shots (though I did make it inside for a quick glance).
I'm still not sure I quite 'get it' when it came to this particular design...but at least the whole thing made my wife really happy.