June 6, 2007

Danger and refuge.


Danger!! Worms!!


Flowerpot nestly in a tree hollow


Bissage said...

That's some mighty fine looking root flare.

dave™© said...

Day Two of the Blithering Misogynist "Law Perfesser" not mentioning a word about the Libby sentencing.

The Larry-Laurie David separation - a much more significant legal matter.

BTW, why am I not surprised Blithering Idiot hates the wife so?

Anthony said...

Dave, you're a pig. A rude pig. With absolutely nothing of any consequence to say. A juvenile who gets his jollies crapping in the neighbor's pool. Please grow up or just leave the adults to their discussion.

Most of the time I just ignore your silly little posts, and I will continue doing so from here on out, but I thought I should just let everyone else know that another participant thinks you have nothing to say of any interest to anybody here. You're not clever. You're not brutally honest. You're not insightful. You're not anything, really. I know you crave nothing but attention that will somehow make you feel all speeeeshul, so this is the only missive I will throw your way.

Hoosier Daddy said...

Hey Dave, this might come as a complete shock to you but there are other blogs out there that I am sure are having heated discussions about Scooter and his legal woes.

Think of the valuable contributions you can be making elsewhere as opposed to wasting your precious time here.

bill said...

Y'all leave dave™© alone. That's some quality performance art he's typing and he always earns a chuckle from me. Well done sir/madam/dog.

Chip Ahoy said...

hole hole

That kills me.

Tinsie said...

Clever photos - the "refuge" one's beautiful. Nicely done.

Revenant said...

I wonder what the story is behind the "Danger! Worms!" sign. Did some child put it there? I wonder how old they are now.

John Burgess said...

I find the 'Danger Worms' sign to be very clever.

With the two holes, that board looks amazingly like a truncated Platyhelminthes or flat worm.