June 24, 2007

"Are the police going to take DNA samples from the sporran of every kilted supporter who walks into Hampden?"

A strange-sounding controversy in Scotland.


Bissage said...

Those Scots who love their haggis had best hope the government never learns of its main ingredient.

* Ach, stop the chewing there, laddie, and let us see your license. *

Peter Palladas said...

Braveheart indeed would be the Sporran Polis who knelt down in front of a kilted Scotsman - sober or drunk - in order to take such a sample. Death would be the least of his worries.

This is the mad world of Government we have created.

Radical libertarians wanted.

If you're a crazed survivalist camping in the wilds of Oregon or Washington State, then come on over. My country needs you.

jane said...

O deer, otter they badger the kilt wearers so? After legislating batty linx between pelts and nefarious porpoise, what’s to keep authorities from using moles in tartan associations to ferret out wearers? Quietly whaling or any hedging instead of hogging attention in the fight to preserve animal skin tradition will seal its doom.

GeorgeH said...

How will they attach the licenses to the badger hair shaving brush most men have in the back of the medicine cabinet?

And the deer head on the wall is gonna look even tackier with paperwork dangling from an ear.

Christy said...

Clever, Jane.

Don't they remember what happened to the morale of the Scottish people the last time a government messed with the wearing of the tartans? I just love the oath suspected Jacobites had to take: "I ... do swear, and as I shall have to answer to God at the great day of judgment, I have not nor shall have in my possession, any gun, sword, pistol or arm whatever: and never use any tartan, plaid or any part of the Highland garb, and if I do so, may I be cursed in my undertakings, family, and property - may I never see my wife and children, father, mother, and relations - may I be killed in battle as a coward, and lie without Christian burial in a strange land, far from the graves of my forefathers and kindred - may all this come across me if I break my oath."

joated said...

A most assinine law. The world is going to Hell in a handbasket.