May 12, 2007

"We do overhear some reductive ‘Is Nimoy into fat chicks’ comments when the gallery room is first entered."

So, Leonard Nimoy is into fat women. I have a similar preference.


Bissage said...

A couple of pounds, a flannel shirt, a cheaper haircut, . . ., and who’ve you got?


(Don’t know whether he’s into fat chicks, though.)

Revenant said...

Nimoy's looking pretty good for a 76 year old.

Eli Blake said...

Well, in contrast to what movie producers, fashion designers and the makers of 'Barbie' dolls believe, women with a few extra pounds are healthier than actresses, models and others who are starving themselves to death just so they can look like they just were released from a concentration camp.

It's like the old joke--

Did you hear about the supermodel who stepped on some ants?

They carried her back to the hole.