May 7, 2007

Please blot that image from my head with something very mellow.


Don't think about the chicken-eating spider. Think about the kindly jellyfish.


Jennifer said...

This helps. A little. Thanks.

PeterP said...

'Kindly' and 'jellyfish' do not belong in the same sentence.

They sting like b*ggery. That is not the act of a gentleman.

What were you thinking of?

Bissage said...
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Bissage said...

Here’s some advice to remember should you ever find yourself in a menacing underwater situation: Music hath charms to soothe the savage jellyfish.

(It’s good to have your cat, …, er, snail, on hand to provide sufficient cowbell, …, er, rhythm stick.)

Unknown said...

I liked the spider. Put me in the mood for chicken for lunch.