May 12, 2007

Number of photographs taken today: >300.

I had never become physically exhausted from mere photography, until today. I was just going to go down to State Street for a little shopping and latte sipping when I happened upon the classic car exhibition stretching the whole way from campus to the Capitol. This was one of the few times I was out without a camera, so I had to go back home for my cameras. I came back and spent hours photographing -- what was it? -- 50 cars from multiple angles.

Unlike the men who concentrated on the engines, I was into the chrome ornamentation, and that meant I had to keep crouching and kneeling to get the shots I wanted. I knew my legs were going to kill me later, but I knew I had to suffer for art. The exhibit proceeding chronologically, and to begin at the campus end was to enter the 1960s and work back toward about 1930. I didn't plan my time well, because I got completely absorbed in the cars of the 60s and 50s, the things I remember seeing on the streets in the old days, and by the time I got to the oldest cars, the show was over, and they were starting to drive away.

I'm writing this while the pictures download. Enough writing! Time for a little iPhoto tweaking and uploading. Visuals to come.


the Rising Jurist said...

Don't forget the Delorean DMC-12, which is definitely not 1960s.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, true, they must have gone up into the 80s at least for that one car. I have pictures.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Didn't they go Back to the Future for that Delorean?

peter hoh said...

Back in the days of film, I took a couple of SLRs and a tripod to India. OF course I took a lot of photos. What took the toll was the three months of constant vigilance, seeing as cameras were very often the target of thieves. And then there were the film issues: protecting it from the extreme heat and the airport x-rays. Remember those "film safe" bags?

I came home, put my cameras down and almost gave up photography.

Michael said...

We all must suffer for our art. Though I only took 230+ pictures that day, I managed to fill a 4 gigabyte memory card. A week of first-pass post processing work later, and I'm still trying to decide which ones to re-touch in Photoshop.