May 7, 2007

Morning break at the 7th Circuit Conference: Trad media has spoken and the bloggers are up next.

There wasn't a laptop in sight on the long tables lined with judges, so I couldn't type up a post while I listened to Joan Biskupic, David Savage, Jonathan Turley, etc., talk about what it's like to cover law -- really, the Supreme Court -- in these days when new media is sloshing all over into their territory. But I took a lot of notes, which I will work up over the course of today. I've got to go on and do the blogger panel momentarily -- I'm taking the break in my hotel room -- so I'll just say that I have a lot of objections to the way they characterized themselves and us bloggers. Some of that will come out, I hope, in the upcoming panel, which I'll say more about soon.

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