May 17, 2007

"It is apparent that XM Radio is beholden to crybaby special interest groups who cannot separate humor from reality."

The pro-shock-jock backlash. (Via Instapundit.) XM subscribers -- who paid to get uncensored radio -- are pissed. Something I found myself doing instinctively in reaction to all this post-Imus repression: I subscribed to HowardTV.


Bijoy said...

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Biby Cletus

Aero! said...

Funny, I've always considered people who are fanatically terrified of political correctness to be themselves a crybaby special interest group with reality-grasping problems.

Poor, poor victims - sometimes the business decisions of entertainment companies insufficiently target them. Quick, someone build a memorial!

Palladian said...

It's hilarious that the first comment in a thread about shock jocks is spam. It would be so much better if it were porn spam.

Adrian said...

Opie and Anthony shouldn't be too worried. Even if they are kicked out of XM, they'll always have a home at BloggingheadsTV!

Telecomedian said...

If XM wasn't trying to get FCC approval of the merge with Sirius, would O and A have been suspended?

"Look! We can be just as reactionary as you want us to be!"

halojones-fan said...

Hey. It's a private service; they can play by their own rules. That doesn't necessarily mean that they play the way you want them to.

Shawn Levasseur said...

I suspect that its not (or not just) the government that XM is worried about.

Back when O&A were signed by XM, XM made them a "premium" channel. If customers wanted to hear them, they had to pay extra.

Then Sirius signed Stern, who'd be available to all their subscribers. XM couldn't get away with charging a premium for a 2nd rate version of what was part of basic service at Sirius. So Opie and Anthony were moved to be part of the regular XM Service.

But I suspect that O&A's contract was still in effect, and they were still being paid as if they were bringing in premium fees. This makes them less valuabe to XM. XM may have taken the incident to as an opportunity to dum them

Shawn Levasseur said...

... out of XM.

(sorry, hit Publish instead of preview)