May 20, 2007

Garden with lady's slippers/tablescape with a tree peony.

The garden looks wild, but it's actually amazingly carefully tended.

Garden with lady's slippers

Those are yellow lady's slippers

Inside, the table is carefully set. "Is that real?"

Table setting with a tree peony

"Yes. It's a tree peony."


reader_iam said...

I'm so convulsed with laughter over coincidence I can barely type. Our yards-long collection of peony bushes on one street-side of our property are coming into bloom. Last night, I had to have a conversation with my son about the importance of correctly pronouncing the word "peonies," especially in context of yelling to passersby, "Look at the wonderful [peonies] growing over here!"

Now I can't even read the word "peony," even in the context of this fine post, without darn near, well, peeing myself.

Sorry for the crudity.

jane said...

I also have and adore peonies.

Re pronunciation: One might also wish to avoid saying ‘peanuts’ at happy hour or ‘pianists’ after a Chablis or two at the symphony intermission.

Synova said...

If you just say pee-OH-nees that problem is solved.

Jennifer said...

LOL reader_iam! I've been having a similar problem recently with my son who brought back a huge stick from a recent hike. He likes to announce to all our neighbors that he has a big stick. Unfortunately, st sounds like d coming out of his young mouth.

I love wildish gardens like this. I find them so much more beautiful than neatly arranged rows of pruned plants.

reader_iam said...

Jennifer: They do start young, don't they?

; )

MadisonMan said...

I hope those are boughten lady slippers, and not stolen from some National Forest up north. I know you can buy them from, say, White Flower Farm for >$100

Ann Althouse said...

They were bought and very expensive.

corporate law drudge said...

A tree peony opera?

Synova said...

My mom has a clump of slipper orchids that she's very proud of.

They *weren't* purchased, but were growing wild on the property they bought. She didn't move them either.

I stuck last year's picture up on my blog so I can show them off.