May 29, 2007

Forget "Vulcan Utopia," we want that Utopia where "Purple Rain"-era Prince...

... is as "omnipresent and heavily marketed" as t-shirt Che Guevara. Or "Labyrinth"-era David Bowie. That would be nice too.


Synova said...

I thought the "Vulcan utopia" thing was a joke.

Did he (Gore) really say he wanted a "Vulcan utopia?"

(And doesn't he realize that the whole "thing" about Spock was his *misguided* eternal struggle against his emotions contrary to the free-love context of the 1960's?)

blake said...

I got the impression the "Vulcan Utopia" was someone imposing a pop-culture reference on to Gore's book.

That Spock's struggle was meant to be "misguided" is less clear. Hippies or no, ST was largely written by established authors who prize(d) intellect above emotion (at least in their writing).

Also, except in one case where the whole point was to show the flaws in Spock's reasoning, the one thing you could count on in Star Trek is that Bones (representing emotion) was always wrong and Spock was always right.

(I married a Trekkie.)

Methadras said...

... is as "omnipresent and heavily marketed" as t-shirt Che Guevara.

God, what is the romanticized notion that leftists and liberal hold for this mass murdering cowardly racist that didn't gain his notoriety until Castro sold him out to the CIA so he could die like a little piece of dog shit? Oh wait.

Fen said...

I like the Che chic. Marks the idiots in our society.

Drew W said...

Am I the only one who thinks the face on this dress looks less like Prince than it does rum-company mascot Captain Morgan?

On last night's edition of Jeopardy!, one of the answers (yes, I know, they're really questions on Jeopardy!) was Che Guevara. The kind of average, Midwestern-looking guy who got it right just answered "Che," with no last name. Something about his response gave me the uneasy sense that Guevara -- quite accurately described above by methadras -- must really have attained some sort of mythical status. And not just among daft lefties, I fear.