May 2, 2007

Chris Bowers, of MyDD...

... is on, talking about the netroots. Haven't had time to listen to it yet.

Sidenote: I'm about to record a new Bloggingheads episode, finally the one where I've chosen as a partner someone who was not already a Bloggingheads participant.


J. Cricket said...

So much for posting only when you have something intersting to say!

Agnostic Monk said...

Yipee, When will it show up? And who are you going to speak to?

Unknown said...

AJD: go grab some caffeine or something---whatever you might use to boost your reading comprehension---and re-read what she said about when she posts.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Well...don't keep us in suspense. Who is it?

Jacob said...

That might just be the most boring thing I've ever watched.

Simon said...

The quote from Kos - "I'm not ideological at all ... I'm just all about winning" - foreshadows something Garance would later say in your diavlog with her that for the movement leftosphere, it isn't about ideas, it's about partisanship. Which was intellectually bankrupt then and remains intellectually bankrupt now. I want to win, of course, but I want to win because I think my ideas are better than theirs and I want public policy at the state and federal level to be as consonant as possible with my views and ideas. Just plain, outright partisanship of the kind the leftosphere seems to be touting seems pretty vacuous.

Simon said...

Come to think of it, a lot of this tracks your experience. The notes that the leftosphere tolerates internal political debate (an outstandingly truthy point) but regards as heresy anything that doesn't help elect liberals through their chosen vehicle, the democratic party, tracks your experience that it isn't enough that you agreeon many issues, but that you're often vocally unimpressed with the Democratic Party.

XWL said...

Wait a minute.

You didn't choose me?

(guess I have to step up my game)

Marty Lederman said...

Annie Gottlieb.


Simon said...

Oops! I just realized both my comments above are in the wrong place. They're apropos of Jon Chait's article.

The partisan moderate said...

This doesn't really belong here but I was really curious and was hoping someone could help me out.

I have noticed more and more pointed headlines on the drudge report bashing Republicans. Today, I happened to look at the columns they link to and they are all liberal. Perhaps Drudge lost a bet but this is just odd.

Here are just a few:

Eric Alterman
John Callender
Rafe Colburn
Joe Conason
David Corn
John Dean
Brad DeLong
Gary Denton
E.J. Dionne
Bob Dreyfuss
Michael Finley
Brad Friedman
Dan Froomkin
Joe Gandelman
Richard Gwyn

Eli Blake said...

Hey, I'm happy! I finally got a sound card that works so I can start streaming audio.

We've had the dish satellite service turned off for a couple of weeks though and that is going well. I actually can talk to my kids now (though they were very unhappy when I explained that it would stay off at least until the school year is out.) And my gosh, I actually caught my daughter who used to sit there like a lump and watch those stupid sitcoms (and get grouchy and scream when anyone told her to turn them off) reading a novel yesterday for entertainment.