May 11, 2007

"But brownie-wise how many pieces do you think you guys had?"

Said the 911 operator to the cop who, along with his wife, ate brownies made with some marijuana he seized on the job. It's not hilarious if the cop gets away with a crime they'd prosecute a private citizen for, but the phone call is completely hilarious, as he asserts that he and his wife are "dead" and asks the operator what's the score on the Redwings game (so he can figure out whether he's hallucinating). Seriously, how much of a candyass + idiot do you need to be to call the authorities on yourself because you're worried about the effect of marijuana? (Via Volokh.)


Synova said...

Well, I donno. Never in my life tried marijuana. I did have a friend who tried it in brownies once and it freaked her out so bad she'd never try it again in any form, or any other drug for that matter.

But she had a brother who was schizophrenic so the idea that it would go away again wasn't something she had a lot of personal faith in.

Synova said...

Oh, listened to it. I was wondering if they thought something else might have been in the pot. Sounds like it. Makes sense to me. (And later he says he has done marijuana before and didn't have this reaction.)

I was about to clobber the dispatcher. If I was worried about my spouse and wanting help I'd be about wanting to strangle her.

There *have* been cases where dispatchers *haven't* sent help because they decided a kid was making a joke.

Matt Brown said...

I work as a crisis therapist at an Indianapolis hospital. We have a phone number people use to call about some kind of personal crisis, whether it be their own (e.g., suicidal thoughts) or someone else's (e.g., a family members is having a psychotic break). One woman calls occasionally to report that she has misplaced her crack cocaine and she doesn't know what to do about it. We have told her to call 911 and ask a police officer to help her find it, but she balked at that suggestion.

TMink said...

Well, you eat the pot brownies, you get the munchies, you eat more brownies, you get more munchies, you get the picture. It can be a vicious and never ending negative feedback loop.

Also, eating marijuana, you do not have the feedback about the dosage that you do when you are smoking it. You smoke it, get high enough, and stop. You eat it, wait 30 to 90 minutes, and hold on.

But I do agree that people should know by now that marijuana posioning is extremely rare outside drug scare movies and Nancy Reagan nightmares.


Hoosier Daddy said...

They were hallucinating? What kind of pot were they smoking?

All I ever got was a great buzz and was happy there was no brain shattering hangover.

But that was when I was young, dumb and voted Democrat.

Fen said...

What kind of pot were they smoking?

1/4 ounce taken from a drug bust

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Hoosier, even when I was young and dumb and smoking pot I never voted Democratic- I was never THAT high!

Roost on the Moon said...

It's not just that he used drugs, which would get an ordinary citizen in trouble. To me, the abuse of public trust is far more serious. He used his badge to steal from people. I can't believe he gets to walk.

Inside said...

Damn brownie thieves, in California that can get you 5 years in the can!

Kidding,.. but I've seen brownie eating people, they usually act like they had an entire bottle of nyquil, always hungry and sleep lots. Which is weird, because when they smoke it, they get high, act silly, laugh at everything, eat a lot can't keep their mouths shut!?@!#?

I'd take the brownie abusers over smokers any day. :) But seriously, (on the article) what a bunch of nerds! In Cali, I'm finding that pot and going 30 miles over the speed limit is no big deal,.. may as well be legal.

TMink said...

I wonder if the substance in question included any PCP adulterants? Or was the dosage just too high.

The story goes that while recording "Tonight's The Night" Neil Young and company would take honey slides. It is a honey/pot mash up that apparently knocks people on their but. From the sound of the album, they were quite powerful.


Synova said...

Matt Brown, sounds like a Cops episode I saw once where a lady either called the cops or flagged them down to report that someone stole her money.

She was buying drugs, paid, and didn't get her stuff.

Galvanized said...

Tmink! You're impressive in you knowledge of pot in all its forms! LOL j.k.

On a more serious note, the officer most definitely should be prosecuted. As an enforcer of the law, he is not above it. He commited fraud (right?) but using his badge to take from people with no intention to turn it over, stole state's evidence, provided another person with an illegal substance, used it himself, and did so on more than one occasion. You can forgive someone's weaknesses and mistakes, but someone in authority should be held to higher standards, or at least the same as the rest of us.

Off with the badge, and he needs to be fined and face court like anyone else.

PatHMV said...

I saw a Cops episode once where the lady flagged down the cops because the local crack dealer sold her baking soda instead of cocaine. I was rather surprised to find that many states do indeed have laws against selling fraudulent dope. Whether these were passed to promote "truth in advertising" in the illegal drug trade, or just to give the police a little more leverage, and the ability to arrest people who merely claim to be selling drugs, I'll let you decide.

Sigivald said...

Roost: He "gets away with it" (merely losing his career) because it'd be awfully hard to prove in court, I imagine.

First you'd have to find the person who'd had the quarter ounce stolen, and get them to confess to possession (possibly, depending on jurisdiction, possession with intent), in order to have even a chance. (And of course it wouldn't get them their drugs back!)

I'm sure that in court, lacking any source of disproof, the ex-officer would claim that, while he had made and eaten marijuana brownies, it wasn't from confiscated dope, and that was just a joke or an intoxicated misstatement.

See where I'm going? Impossible to get a conviction on that, with a good lawyer. No hard evidence, and the only "confession" was made admittedly while completely obliterated on pot.

That, I imagine, is why they're not pressing charges.

TMink said...

Galvanized wrote: "Tmink! You're impressive in you knowledge of pot in all its forms! LOL j.k."

Hey I resemble that remark! Well, resembled at least. I went to college in the late 70s. Nuff said.


Galvanized said...

LOL I was a child of the '80s. Our worst offenses were our haircuts (Flock of Seagulls, bi-levels) and really bad pants (Jams, parachutes). Although, our music was the best!

Luckyoldson said...

An Edjamikated Redneck said...
"Hoosier, even when I was young and dumb and smoking pot I never voted Democratic- I was never THAT high!"

Hence, the moniker: redneck.