May 31, 2007

Beyond the Sanjaya video.

I must confess that I've watched three other videos today that I thought were pretty cool. First is this Will Ferrell thing from the same website as "The Sanjaya Installation." [ADDED: Was it wrong to make the girl say those things? It will be funnier to you if you -- unlike me -- think it's just fine.]

The Landlord

Then there's this nice, morphing image of the history of women's faces in art (which someone emailed me after seeing it on BoingBoing). [ADDED: The first time I watched this video, I was struck by how similar all the women looked, but the second time, I had the opposite impression. How different they are.]

Then there's this long, but totally worth it video of an elaborate encounter of lions, water buffalo, and crocodiles, which Andrew Sullivan featured. [ADDED: How pathetic the lions and crocodiles are as they try in their way -- the only way they have -- to get some food. The human beings, heard on the audio track, are rather lame too. Now, the buffalo... the buffalo rule.]

These videos have absolutely nothing to do with each other. At least one is sure to be to your taste. I loved all three.


Anonymous said...

Of course this video series is the most interesting today.

Bissage said...

Man! Some of those chicks were flirting with me big time.

I'm off to find myself some mushrooms so I can flirt back.

XWL said...

"The Landlord" one from Will Ferrell has a behind the scenes/outtakes video up as well.

What's really remarkable is that they show over 31 million views for that video.

But as a fan of both Apatow and Arrested Development, my favorite thing on that site at the moment is Michael Cera's getting fired from Knocked Up.

Galvanized said...

The women's faces in art is so intriguing. I could watch that one for hours. What a treat. :)

Unknown said...

An art professor of mine gave me one assignment for his class. He handed me a box of 1500 unlabeled slides. I identifies all but 150 or so. Best piece of teaching in art I ever got.

No, I didn't ID them by sight, it took the whole semester.

sonicfrog said...

Oh, well I guess you didn't go over to MY blog and watch the "How To Make An Origami Vagina" video....

Serious!!! :-)

Jennifer said...

The morphing faces video was fascinating! Is it just me or do a lot of those women look disconcertingly like Scarlett Johansson?

Bissage said...

Greegooms bleees! Makswain umppum tumppem nog, . . ., dump omppem dhump, . . ., ah, yeegersplat.


Kandagger juggler whanter quark; ando harggerbeem, fordor -- ando juzz.

He, he, he, he!

P.S. Whiertor blakan, seerbo tang!

(Nips, nips, nips.)

lee david said...

The art video was very striking. I was itrigued by some similarities in a great portion of the painted faces. The cupid bow lips and a small mouth and nose. I don't know what that means, though I imagine that a very high percentage of those women were what would be considered rich for the time in which the portraits were done. There were many of them that I wouldn't consider particularly attractive, even though they were beautifuly painted.

Revenant said...

The water buffalo vid is one of the cooler nature films I've seen. I love the whole herd of buffalo coming back over to mess with the lions.

John Burgess said...

All three had a high degree of social, intellectual, and moral redeeming values! A great trifecta.

Being a tad pedantic, though, those were African or Cape Buffalo, not the more placid Water Buffalo of Asia.

Cape Buffalo are known as among the most ornery beasts on four feet. If wounded, they have been known to stalk and ambush that which hurt them.

XWL said...

Been contemplating the lovely morphing art video.

When is somebody going to do one with breasts?

That I'd like to see.

I bet so would former President Clinton (that's just a hunch, for purely scholarly and art historical reasons, of course).

(I blame bissage's post-mushroom ingesting comment with the phrase, "nips, nips, nips", for making me think about uncovered breasts)

(like drunk-dialing, maybe shroomed-posting is a no no)

Anonymous said...

Bissage and XWL: ROTFLMAO!