May 12, 2007

At the auto show.

Yes, there were many beautiful cars, like this 1954 Corvette:

1954 Corvette

But before we get to the cars, let's consider the people who go to look at the cars. Who are they? What do they wear? First off, one lady takes first place. Compared to her, no one else seemed even to be trying:

Lady at the auto show with a new paint job.

But there's a subtle elegance that -- to my eye -- is just as alluring:

Lady at the auto show

And yes, ladies, accessorize...

Lady with a dog named Peanuts

... perhaps with a dog named Peanuts.

So, the women were beautiful, see:

Women with a 1966 Corvette

Ah, but the car! The car!

1966 Corvette

I'm much more attracted to that.

It's a 1966 Corvette! Mosport Green -- a color that was only available in 1966. Doesn't that break your heart?


AllenS said...

I've been to a lot of car shows. Those women are not the usual car show enthusiats. Maybe more like Madison women, me thinks.

For the record: I have a 1966 Austin Healey #3000. I bought the car in 1968 and restored it a couple of years ago. The original colour was British Racing Green, but I repainted it Glacier White.

Ann Althouse said...

Well, it's what to wear to the outdoor car show in Madison, on a beautiful spring day.

Sounds like a great car!

Dadgum said...

"Aw, it doesn't matter what you wear
Just as long as you are there."

as per Martha And The Vandellas and Dancing In The Street

Jim said...

Famous Milblogger BlackFive was also there, and posted a video.

He liked the green vette also.

babuilder said...

If I remember the fantasies of my teens correctly the profile on the hood of the Corvette indicates a monsterishly fast 427 cubic inch motor. The discussion about the womens attire is moot because all of the women riding with me in my dreams about that car were naked.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Wow! Look at the headlights on her! You know, of course, that cars wear bras, too.

peter hoh said...

Did you notice the tatoo on the elegant woman in the third photo? It's on her lower leg. While some might not noticed, I have a thing for calves, and that's where my eye lingered.

hdhouse said...


I'm going to hijack this for a minute. Happy Mother's Day.


Dave F said...

The elevation of car over woman never made sense to me. Women are much more alluring.

Sure, I've had fun driving a Porsche on the Authobahn, but that's no where near as much fun as a woman.

Susan said...

Mothers everywhere should carry that one picture with them so the next time their kids are embarrassed to be seen with them, they can pull it out and show them it could be worse.

Tim said...

Fast cars rule.

But yes, women are better than fast cars.

Unless they're fast women.

PatCA said...

What is the meaning of the Decorated Woman, or is it just abstract expressionism?

Ann Althouse said...

She dressed like a car, and doing so, illustrated the old slang term "headlights." It was just brilliant. It was well-painted and done with a nice sense of humor. And she was acting perfectly nonchalant. Note the painted-on sunglasses.

As for the tattooed lady, it's not surprising. I think she too was doing dress up. It was a great day for a woman to promenade. It was the perfect place to meet men! There were tons of them, greatly outnumbering women. And with all those conversation pieces, you could easily strike up a conversation which is, of course, all a woman has to do.

PatCA said...

Ah, now I get it. :)

I used to laugh when my single friends would go to poetry readings to meet men. Go to a car show, a football game!

Anthony said...

I don't much care for the Sting Ray Corvettes. I think '61-62 are the most attractive 'Vettes.

dmfoiemjsof said...

I think you should make a "phallic symbols" label.